Case IH Picking Unit Cabinet

The picking unit of your cotton harvester will always have a direct bearing on the overall efficiency of your operation, and therefore of the profitability of your cotton harvesting efforts. That makes it essential that every component of your Case/IH picking unit is in good shape, and not worn or physically damaged in any way.

The only way to be sure that you are prepared in the event of any kind of component failure in your picking unit is to have most of those components already on hand, so you make a quick on-site replacement. In order to do that, you’ll have to keep some of those critical components on hand, and we can help you stock all the most important components to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently

Picking Unit Cabinet Replacement Parts

If you were to experience any kind of failure by the components of the picking unit cabinet, it might be severe enough to shut down your harvesting operation for a period of time, until you were able to secure replacement components and resume. For that reason, it’s always worthwhile to conduct a visual inspection of the picking unit and its components prior to the harvesting season, even potentially while it’s underway. A little time spent in preparation might save a lot of critical time when the harvest is ready to be brought in.

There are quite a few component parts which make up the full picking unit, and we stock many of these Case/IH aftermarket parts at Certi-Pik USA for your convenience. Virtually every part in the assembly is ready to be shipped to you, whenever you might have need of replacement components. We have plant guides, left, right, front, and rear, we have plant compressor extensions, flanged and straight bushings, lock pins, springs, scrapping plates, ExtenDoors, removable extensions, nuts, bolts, rods, rotor service doors and hinges, and all the fasteners needed for this assembly. We carry the newest plant guides, known as Extend-Doors, Deep-Dish, or CTX-Doors, designed by Certi-Pik USA, and now used by CIH on OEM equipment module builder harvesters. We also have available the plastic stalk lifters, steel shoes and poly skid plates to guide your harvest into the picking unit.

If you require any of these parts for replacement of a worn-out component, or for a rebuild of a major assembly, we can ship the aftermarket parts you need very quickly. Many of our customers intentionally stock some of the more common replacement components, as well as those which experience a high degree of wear and tear during operations, so they don’t have to lose any time with ordering components and waiting for deliveries to arrive. If you’re interested in stocking a number of such parts, we’ll be glad to work with you to get those parts right there where you need them, so you can have a smooth harvesting season, free of interruptions.

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Choosing Certi-Pik USA

Since 1988, Certi-Pik USA has been providing cotton harvesters around the world with high-quality aftermarket replacement components for their machinery, used by some of the most recognizable equipment manufacturers. For instance, we always have on hand a full catalog of Case/IH compatible aftermarket parts. With a great many of these machines in the field, we strive to maintain inventory adequate for keeping all these harvesters supplied with replacement parts as they are needed.