Case IH Picking Unit System

The picking unit system is a critical area in any Case/IH cotton harvester, and if it is not performing well, your cotton harvesting operation will simply not be as efficient as it should be, and that will end up costing you money. To keep the picking unit system in tip-top shape, you should do a visual inspection of all its components prior to the start of the harvesting season, and make a list of any parts that look worn or damaged. Then these elements can be replaced with our aftermarket parts before the season even begins, and you’ll be much more likely to have a smooth, successful harvest.

Component Parts of the Picking Unit System

Each of the components of the picking unit system are available from our inventory of aftermarket components, and it might be a good idea for you to have some of these same parts on-site, so you can quickly recover in the event of a component wearing-out or failing. We make a point of stocking such items as the sleeves, universal bars, plugs, bushings, bar stool pivots, shims, spindles, spindle nuts with pressed bushings, dust caps, pre-assembled spindle parts, cam rollers, cam tracks, cam roller access supports, lock washers, cap screws, retainer plates, pins, doffers, and all the components included in the doffer assembly, all of which help to make the picking unit system function smoothly.
Any of these aftermarket parts can be shipped to you on the same day that we receive your order, provided that we get the order in the morning rather than later in the afternoon. That means you won’t be held up waiting for replacement pieces for your picking unit system, and you can get out in the fields to be productive, rather than sitting around watching others bring in their harvests. Keep us in mind when any other pieces of your cotton harvester are worn out or become damaged during usage. Chances are, we’ll have the components you need in stock, and they can be expedited to you very quickly, so you don’t waste valuable time idling.

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Why Should You Purchase From Certi-Pik USA?

We have earned a reputation as the most reliable provider of high-quality component elements for cotton harvesting machines, all around the globe. Customers from every country where cotton is harvested have come to count on us to provide them with the very best aftermarket replacement components compatible with all the best manufacturers, such as Case/IH, and we never disappoint them. We recognize that it’s very important to get those parts shipped to customers as fast as possible, because if the cotton is waiting in the field, delays can be extremely costly.
We make ordering with us very easy. Offering several different options for ordering, and you can choose whichever method is most convenient for you. When we do get your order, we strive for the shortest turnaround time possible, in many cases shipping out parts on the same day we’ve received the order for them. When it’s time to process your payment, we also allow a number of different payment options, and again you can choose the method which is easiest and most convenient for your normal budgeting.

In short, we try to do everything possible to make ordering aftermarket components with Certi-Pik USA the easiest and quickest way to get components in your hands, and to get your equipment back out in the fields. Contact us today with any questions you might have about our high-quality components, or to place your order for any parts or sub-assemblies in the picking unit system. Before you know it, your components will be delivered and your harvesting operation can be resumed immediately.