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The air system on any John Deere cotton harvester is a critical component which keeps cotton moving through the harvester freely, and helps to avoid blockages which can bog things down. It’s especially important when there is any kind of dampness in the cotton, because this increases the likelihood of clumping and forming blockages.

The air system is essential for the conveying action throughout the machine and is key to the functionality of the discharge compartment that serves the upright picker drums and doffers. By directing airflow towards the discharge opening, it can help to avoid the buildup of debris, thus avoiding debris blockage. Overall, the airflow system on a harvester makes airflow throughout the entire machine much more predictable and effective, so that large volumes of cotton can move through the opening and into the suction duct.
If any component should fail in the airflow mechanism, that is likely to cause at least a slowdown in the progress of cotton throughout the harvesting machine, and will more than likely lead to blockages. When this happens, the harvester will have to come to a stop, so that a cleaning action can be undertaken, and when frequent cleaning is necessary, the productivity of the harvester drops dramatically.

For this reason, it’s essential to have high-quality components throughout your entire air system, so that the risk of failure is much reduced, and so the air mechanism can be performing optimally to keep cotton moving freely through the harvester. When you need quality cotton harvesting machine parts for your John Deere, you should call Certi-Pik USA first.
We only stock high-quality parts, and we make a point of keeping our inventory full of the components you may require. Contact us as soon as you’re aware of the need for new components for your harvester, and will have your high-quality parts shipped to you at the absolute earliest opportunity.

Ordering Air System Parts for Your Cotton Harvester

One of the chief components of your air system is the front and rear suction doors, and all the components you need for these doors are available from our inventory. We make sure to keep the Pro and In-line suction doors in stock, as well as a limited supply of the older left and right side suction doors, and all the bolts, nuts, latches, air duct transitions, nuts, pins, and cleanout doors that would be required to rebuild the suction door assemblies.

When you are ordering any specific parts which are part of the airflow mechanism including fans and suction doors on your John Deere cotton harvester, you can either give us the part number by which we identify a component, or you can give us the OEM part number and description, and that will definitely identify the part. This is an important aspect of placing your order so that we can avoid any mistakes in shipping the wrong components.

This would hold up your operation even more than it should because you would have to wait for a second part to be shipped to you. The good news is that when you do receive your order from us, you can count on receiving the highest quality parts for your harvester, so you won’t have to worry about any breakdowns or part failures. You’ll also receive your order in the fastest possible time because we use the most reliable and quickest delivery methods.

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Over the years, we have established a reputation as the most reliable supplier of quality components for cotton harvesting machines, specifically for John Deere equipment. When you order from us, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re getting the best-manufactured parts, and that they will be shipped to you in the shortest period of time possible. Contact us today for more information.