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We strive to produce the parts which will be the most needed in keeping your harvester operating at its peak performance. As you might expect, there are a number of miscellaneous components that are found in unique areas of the cotton harvester that do not merit an entire page in our catalog, thus the ‘Miscellaneous Parts’ page. These components in addition to the others we supply are required to keep your John Deere machinery running efficiently, and if any of these pieces become worn or somehow damaged, it’s likely to put a serious halt on your operations. When you do need to order these components, you should remember to use either the Certi-Pik USA part number or the OEM part number, so you can be sure of receiving the correct part that you need for your machinery.

When mistakes are made in ordering parts, there’s always a delay involved, because then the correct part will have to be sent out, and the incorrect part will have to be packaged and returned to the seller. All this takes time, and when you’re trying to get a harvest in before the weather hits, or when you’re trying to quickly get to market, time is something that’s in short supply.

Miscellaneous Parts for Cotton Pickers and Strippers

The most common miscellaneous pieces used in the broad range of cotton harvesting equipment include bearings, spindles, studs, caps, transmission case housings, slip clutches, boots, unit drive bearings, basket fingers, finger grates, clamps for the basket finger grates, channel clamps, bottom drum bearings, drum spindles, Baler wrap guides, bushings, and screens. Whenever ordering any of these miscellaneous components, we will be able to find exactly what you need as long as you can provide us with either our own part number or the OEM part number for reference.

Cotton Harvester Miscellaneous Parts

Any cotton harvester owner, who needs replacement pieces for their picker or stripper, should contact us at Certi-Pik USA for immediate service. We always try to have a good supply of high-quality replacement components on hand for pickers, because we recognize that they are the top performers in the industry right now, and have high demands on their functionality. There are a few pieces that are used interchangeably on both Pickers and Strippers, currently due to these unique situations we have some components available for cotton strippers, so feel free to inquire if you have cotton stripper needs.

We strive to keep up with the newest technology. Virtually all professional harvesters in the business have quickly become acquainted with the capabilities of the CP690 and the CS690 to accomplish non-stop harvesting. High-powered engines on both of these machines provide upward of 500 hp at peak performance, which will reduce your time in the field to a minimum. Contact us when you have any need at all for high-quality replacement components for your John Deere equipment.

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When you’re looking for reliable pieces for your harvesting machinery, we realize you have several possible suppliers whom you could contact. However, we honestly feel that we are the most reliable replacements parts company in the country, and reliability is something that should be important to all harvesters.

When you have cotton which is ready to be picked in the fields, you can’t afford delays of even a day or two, because weather may interfere and degrade your crop significantly. If your machine is down because it has a non-operational part, you need to have the right part immediately and it has to be a high-quality part, so it doesn’t immediately break down again.

That’s where we come in at Certi-Pik USA. We have worked with customers all over the globe ever since 1988, and we have provided the best replacement components for all the top cotton pickers in the industry. Not only do we sell a full range of specialty items, but we can provide the components you need when you’re undergoing a rebuilding operation on one of your major pieces of equipment. Even if you’re just replacing a few components, we are still available to help you, and you can be sure you’re getting high-quality pieces that won’t fail prematurely under intense operation.