Universal Cotton Picker Parts

Replacing your cotton harvester accessories and cotton picker parts should never be a trial-and-error exercise. Only use high-quality and certified parts. This can only be sourced from accredited suppliers like Cert-Pik. Below are some of the cotton picker parts you can find in our online catalog. Most are compatible with both John Deere and Case IH harvesters.

CTX Pressure Doors Read More

The CTX pressure doors are an upgrade in both new and old cotton picker parts of harvesters when you compare them with the OEM doors. They give a longer and deeper picking zone and longer spindle life. CTX door users have reported an increase in yield by 14 percent.

Scrapping Plates Read More

The designs of our various scrapping plates have been enhanced to help pick better on OEM style doors, and on our CTX pressure doors because they push the cotton further up the spindle. This puts more cotton barbs in play, putting more cotton in the harvesting basket. The scrapping plates designed for our CTX doors are compatible with both of our CTX John Deere and Case/IH pressure doors.

Aluminum Picker Bars

Aluminum picker bars are among the vital parts during the harvesting of cotton. Aluminum has replaced the steel housing picker bars due to its lightweight nature. Another enhancement to the bar is the Swept-Neck bar feature which increases durability due to reduced cracking.

The parts are available in individual or multiple components as you may require. You can also get a complete assembly kit for individual assembly purposes.

Cabinet Parts

We offer a broad variety of both upper and lower cabinet parts for rebuilding your John Deere pro-16 cotton picker row units. Cabinet parts for conventional and older In-line versions are also available.

The upper cabinet parts available include cabinet tops, angles, channels, and bearings, among others. We also supply many parts for the lower cabinet including parts such as cabinet bottoms, supports, service doors, and handles.

Cam Tracks

The overall efficiency of the operations in cotton pickers depends on cam tracks. They play a significant role in rotating the picker bar, modifying the speed of the spindle tip, and orienting the spindle angles for clean cotton picking. Therefore, ensure you choose the right ones and maintain their cleanliness for optimal speeds and efficiency.

Suction Doors Read More

Due to the increased need for variations of skip-row planting, spacing, and the number of rows to work on during harvesting, we have nine different varieties of pro suction doors. This ensures both the orientation and size of your field are well covered.

Additionally, we can help in customization or rather conversion of 38 to 36-inch row machines if need be. There are also available replacements for eight varieties of older non-pro machines, some with a limited inventory of these suction door types.

Drumheads Read More

Drumheads and parts like drumhead bolts, drums, and rubber seals are a major part of the cotton harvester. The drumhead provides an enclosure for the other parts, and it literally does the harvesting as it holds the bars and various other components together.  High drum machines have bars that hold 20 spindles, followed by those that hold up to 18 spindles, and they are applicable in harvesting taller and shorter cotton plants, respectively.

Grid Bars

There are two styles for the front and rear, and six types of grid bars for various models of John Deere cotton harvesters. This is applicable to model series between 9900 to CP690.

Spindle Nuts

They are instrumental in spindle assemblies, and we stock those of high quality and full potential. You can either order them in individual or assembled units. Their tight tolerance and strong threads ensure proper fitting and the correct clearances needed. Besides spindle nuts, we offer bushings that are available in straight and flanged options.

Idler Gears

Idler gears are positioned between the driver gear and follower gear, being positioned purposefully to ensure both rotate in the same direction. They don’t increase output speed but transmit motion only. They are made of different parts which work together, and failure in one means a negative effect on the harvest operations.

Stalk Lifters

Stalk lifters comprise both stationary and movable parts. You only need to identify the broken part and replace it. Some of the cotton picker parts in stalk lifters include frames, shields, and shoes.

They are positioned foremost on the cotton harvester to lead cotton bolls effectively to the picking unit.

Lubrication Hoses Read More

The lubrication hoses we provide play a major role in the smooth running of gears and bearings, as well as the cleaning of spindles through the moistener column pads. Therefore, they are parts you need to be careful to buy of the highest quality.

Moistener Pads/Columns Read More

Moistener pads are prone to wear, and you should check their condition frequently to avoid disappointment when harvesting. Proper positioning of the columns ensures minimum wear. When buying for replacement, ensure to order enough for your whole column to avoid overworking one at the expense of the other.

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