Case IH Aftermarket Parts

In one form or another, the Case company has been around since 1842, when it initiated a strong presence in the agricultural machinery industry. Since that time, it has undergone numerous mergers and other company restructuring efforts, but the Case name still survives on its line of agricultural equipment and cotton-harvesting machines.

What all this means to you as a customer, is that you can have tremendous confidence in the Case IH name, since it has 180 years of satisfying customers in this country. At Certi-Pik, USA, we do our best to keep that legacy alive by supplying high-quality aftermarket pieces which are ideal as replacements for any Case IH original equipment you’re using.

Case IH Aftermarket Parts

When you order aftermarket Case IH components from us, you can count on them being totally reliable and having the same high quality as the original manufacturer. We recognize that it’s a big responsibility to live up to the great reputation that the company has built up through nearly two centuries of doing business in this country, but we strive to achieve excellence in all the components we sell, and in our customer service to you. That means you can count on receiving the best available pieces, and in the most expeditious manner when you order from us.

Miscellaneous Parts

The miscellaneous components on a harvesting machine play just as important a role as those which are part of one of the major systems in your equipment. When you order miscellaneous pieces from Certi-Pik, USA, you can be sure you’re getting the best components in the industry, at a price that’s affordable, and using the fastest delivery method available.

Air Systems

Whenever you need a replacement fan or any other part of your air system on a cotton harvester, the place to get the finest quality components is at Certi-Pik, USA. We maintain a huge inventory of replacement components, and we can have whatever you need on its way to you within hours of receiving your order.


Belts on a cotton harvester need to be watched closely for signs of wear, simply by virtue of their heavy duty usage. When you detect such signs of wear and tear, your best option is to order parts from Certi-Pik, USA, so your harvesting operation won’t be held up by a frazzled or broken belt.

Quality Aftermarket Parts

The best place to order your replacement components for Case IH cotton harvesting equipment is through us, at Certi-Pik, USA. We stock high-quality aftermarket pieces for the line of cotton harvesters manufactured by Case Company. Contact us today with your order, and we can have your pieces on an afternoon shipment which will reach you in time so that you can continue your harvesting operation without sustaining serious downtime.