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Why are Farmers Suing John Deere?

For many decades, John Deere made it clear to all who purchased their tractors that all the repairs would go through the John Deere repair shops nationwide. Now the Department of Justice has stated to the courts, fighting for the farmers’ rights to choose which shop they wish to use for repairs and even lean


Why Did International Harvester Go Broke?

International Harvesters was an agricultural machinery manufacturing company formed after the merger of McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and the Deering Harvester Company. It was a household name, employing thousands of workers for decades. The International Harvester products included tractors, combines, forage equipment, hay tools, seeding equipment, tillage equipment, and sprayers.   Tenneco later bought the


What Happened to Case Tractors?

The Case brand has been in existence for close to two centuries. It has seen a fair share of ups and downs.   We still have Case products, such as tractors and other Case IH parts, in the market. But how has such a brand stayed afloat for such a long time? In this article,


CIH Belts Parts that Work Best for Farmers

Whether you are a farmer, store owner, or someone else who deals in farm equipment and parts, this article is for you. Most people connected even remotely with the business of agriculture and know that when it comes to high-quality parts for farm machinery, including vintage tractors and cotton pickers as well as their updated