John Deere Parts and Merchandise

John Deere Parts

Over the last couple of years, the ability to apply self-repair and maintenance on agricultural and capital grade equipment has become a big issue. While equipment makers, including John Deere, have been advancing the capabilities of vehicles and systems well beyond what could be expected of them five years ago, a lot of that direction […]

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Case International Harvester / Case IH Module Express FAQs

Case IH has had a long-standing reputation for building the highest quality of farm equipment, including tractors and machinery used on cotton farms. Technology has improved over the years, and Case IH has made it a point not just to keep up, but break out with new innovations. Here are a few common questions about […]

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Cotton Bale Definition and Production


A cotton bale is defined as being refined cotton, packaged at a particular size, manageable for use by modern production methods. That is to say, a cotton bale is cotton which has been put through a cotton gin (engine) to remove the cotton fiber from seeds or any dirt and grime which may have accumulated […]

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John Deere Cotton Picker 690 FAQ’s


The John Deere CP690 is an extremely popular cotton picker available on the market today. Built, like all John Deere models, to be efficient, powerful, and durable, there are a few places that this model differs from the other equipment that John Deere offers. With that in mind, here are some of the most frequently […]

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John Deere Cotton Picker 7760 FAQ’s


John Deere is known as one of the most famous tractor companies who set the standard for farm equipment, both in terms of how the job gets done and quality of available machinery. They are most commonly known for providing industrial farm equipment, in addition to meeting a homeowner’s residential needs. The John Deere Cotton […]

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