John Deere Cotton Picker Parts

If you’re having difficulty locating the components you need for your cotton harvester, save yourself time and effort by calling Certi-Pik USA. The John Deere aftermarket parts we sell are of the highest quality and compatible with your cotton picker. We’re always ready to provide you with precisely what you need to work efficiently. Below are some John Deere Parts and systems you can purchase today.

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John Deere Miscellaneous Parts – READ MORE

This category of replacement components is a catch-all grouping of pieces which are not really specific to any individual system, but which are generally needed throughout your equipment. Just because they don’t belong to one of the main systems, doesn’t mean they’re not important though, and that’s why all our miscellaneous pieces are of the same quality and reliability as other system components.

John Deere CTX Extended Deep Dish Doors – READ MORE

The John Deere CTX Extended Deep Dish Doors can harvest more cotton and place it in the basket owing to its long and deep picking zone. These doors use the CTX scraping plates, designed and created especially for them. Considering the overall depth of the fins on the scraping plates, these plates have the potential to push cotton a larger distance up the spindle, allowing for a higher quantity of cotton to be collected and improving your overall efficiency.

John Deere Picking Unit Cabinet – READ MORE

Our picking unit cabinet parts are among the best you can find in the market today. You certainly don’t like waiting days for key components in the Picking Unit Cabinet of your cotton harvester to arrive if the one you have has broken down or needs a replacement. We make it a point to provide all of our customers with the quickest and most efficient shipments possible, so they aren’t left stranded, and the whole business doesn’t have to come to a stop. We are often called upon to send replacement components for selected unit cabinets, and we generally make sure to have all of them in stock and available to ship out at any time. We have enough grid bars, frames left and right-side posts, nuts, plates, clamps, covers, bolts, and shields available for efficient assembly of your unit cabinets.

John Deere Picking Unit System – READ MORE

If the harvesting components get blocked with cockleburs, leaves, and twigs, their ability to gather cotton correctly and swiftly will be severely hampered, leading to additional cost and time wasted. The picking unit system is critical in any John Deere cotton harvesting machine because it separates cotton from the spindles as they rotate and extract all the cotton lint from the plant bowl. The picker ribs or grid bars sweep away all the dried leaves, twigs, and other detritus picked up along with the cotton plants, while the picking unit bars keep those spindles apart so that they may continue their fast activity.

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John Deere Water System – READ MORE

A John Deere cotton harvester’s spindle moistening system is mainly responsible for continuously delivering a cleaning solution to the spindles to remove unwanted resins and sticky substances that may collect from the cotton plants. This keeps the spindles spinning freely and makes doffing them much easier. In addition, the cleaning solution is capable of eliminating all debris after seed cotton is removed from the spindle, similar to how a dishcloth cleans dishes. Any accumulated residue from previous work sessions, particularly at the bottom of the tank, should be cleaned out and the tank rinsed completely before beginning a picking operation to ensure that your moistening system is ready for a full day of work.

John Deere Air System – READ MORE

Any John Deere cotton harvester’s air system is a key component that maintains cotton flowing freely through the system and helps to prevent obstructions that may slow things down. It’s particularly essential if the cotton is wet since this increases the chances of clumping and clogs. The air system is critical for the cotton transporting activity throughout the machine and the discharge compartment’s functioning, which serves the upright picker drums and doffers. Debris accumulation and obstruction can be avoided by guiding air towards the discharge hole. Overall, the air system on a cotton harvester makes airflow considerably more predictable and effective throughout the machine, allowing huge quantities of cotton to pass through the aperture and into the suction duct.

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John Deere Cotton Picker Belts – READ MORE

When buying replacement belts for you John Deere Picker, make sure you purchase a suitable belt for your machine since it will need the exact number of bands, pitch length, top width, and thickness to work properly in your cotton harvester. By supplying Certi-Pik USA with the part number by which we identify the belt, or the OEM manufacturer part number, which will also clearly identify the component, you can be confident that we will deliver the correct item.

All our belts have a high tensile strength to withstand the shock loads that cotton harvesting machines are subjected to. They are constructed of the strongest rubber material available, which provides high fatigue resistance and longer service life, reducing the frequency with which they must be replaced.

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At Certi-Pik USA, we specialize in providing aftermarket parts for farm equipment, and we’ve got you covered regardless of whether you work on the front or back of your picking unit. When purchasing any of these individual components, be sure to have either the Certi-Pik part number or the OEM part number available so that we can ensure that you get exactly what you need the first time.

For more information about our cotton harvester parts or to place an order, call us at (712) 752-8460 or fill out our online form today!