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John Deere 9976-CP770
Upper Cabinet

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John Deere 9976-CP770 Upper Cabinet


There are many parts to cotton-picking machinery; one of those parts is the upper cabinet. The diagram within this link shows there are several different large and small parts that make up the upper cabinet. These pro cabinet parts will be compatible with your John Deere equipment. 

Dealers and farmers can benefit from the aftermarket parts when something breaks and needs replacement. Sheet metal components such as the cabinets’ panels and covers are also available.

Each piece has a role in cotton-picking, and maintenance is how to keep the parts lasting for their intended duration. The best way to keep everything working in operation is through routine checks, and to look at the owner’s manual for more information and replace the parts as needed through the wear and tear process. 

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The Parts of the Upper Cabinet

The good news is when parts break, places have everything in stock, like Certi-Pik, USA, so the farmer only has to replace the broken pieces, not the entire machine. Many dealers also deal with Certi-Pik, USA, so the farmer has options on the parts needed for replacement. When the upper cabinet needs parts, these are all the parts they can look for in the inventory. 

There are the covers which consist of the following:

A picking unit adjustment wrench is sold to adjust the row spacing of the picking unit. It will fit the ¾” hex on the picking unit’s roller shaft and is offset to give adequate leverage to move your picking unit into its desired position. It also conveniently hangs for storage in the slot on either cabinet hanger. 

  • M10 X 20 Hex bolt
  • M10 X 25 Hex bolt
  • M10 X 45 Hex bolt 
  • M10 X 20 screw

The last set of miscellaneous parts is as follows:

  • Left Pro Hanger Assembly
  • Right Pro Hanger Assembly
  • 23 Needle Bearing
  • Rear Pro Cabinet Roller
  • Pro Series Front Cover for the 16 Bar Drum
  • Pro series front cover for the 12 bar drum

A clamp goes on to the reinforcement to help hold lines in place. There are also several different-sized fasteners to look into that fit the upper cabinet. Just a few are:

  • The Rear Left Side
  • Mid-Left Side
  • Front Left Side
  • Mid-Right Side
  • Back Right Side

The parts that go with the cover are:

  • M10 X 20 Hex Bolt
  • M10 X 25 Hex Bolt
  • M10 X 45 Hex Bolt 
  • M10 X 20 Screw

There are two different left cabinet top panels

There are two different left cabinet top panels, so be careful which one you choose. One is for the 9976-9996, and the other is for the BALERS 7760-CP770. There is also a front-mid cabinet panel and an inner cabinet sheet panel. Review the owner’s manual, look for a part and model number, or ask the dealer or customer service when in doubt.

The hood is also part of the upper cabinet with nut and bolt sizes M10 X 20 for the bolt and M10 for the nut. Another part to choose carefully is the Pro 16 cabinet top. Three different parts look similar, but each one is specific to your model of picker.

9976-9996 | (7760 BALER) 3-3/4″ Doffer Housing Hole | (CP690 BALER) 4-1/2″ Doffer Housing Hole – Fine Adjustment

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There are three angles and three panels.

Angle idler support

Angle Idler Support | Angle Leg | Angle Right Front Side | Panel Front Right Side | Panel Rear Right Side | The Back Panel of the Cabinet

It shows there are four different channels and a hanger adapter channel.
Two different ones for the rear cabinet and two for the outer roller supports.

Channel Rear Cabinet 9976-7760 | Channel Rear Cabinet CP690-CP770 | Channel Outer Roller 9976, 9986 | Channel Outer Roller 9976-CP690

Brackets, supports, and reinforcements are also included.
Two of the brackets listed are for the sensor, but only one will fit.

Bracket for the Grease and Oil Lines | Bracket for Sensor 9976-9996 | Bracket for Sensor 7760-CP690 | Support for the Rear | Support for the Mid Cabinet | Reinforcement for the Mid Cabinet

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Ordering from Certi-Pik, USA

There are a few things to remember, whether you are a farmer with a harvester needing repairs or if you are the dealer looking to sell our products. The person will need the part numbers to make a purchase. Due to the various sizes of some items, the part numbers are the most helpful. The harvester model number can also be helpful to find the correct part.

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