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Picking Unit System Parts

How do you know that you have your pre-season spindle adjustments right?

Your spindle assembly should have a play of 0.003- to 0.017-inch before you insert it into the bar. Once you have it inside the bar, you should feel some slack between the spindle gear and the drive gear in the back when you are rotating the spindle back and forth between your forefinger and your thumb. If there is no slack between the gears, you add shims, and retighten it until you can feel the slack. If you have vertical movement of more than 0.006 inch, you need to replace spindle bushings. Excessive end play may be a sign of wear and tear on the flange bushing on the base of the nut for the spindle.

If you have a John Deere machine, this kind of precision work can be attained by purchasing certified parts from Certi-Pik, USA. Everything about John Deere spindle components is designed for ease of repair.

Why choose John Deere Replacement Parts from Certi-Pik, USA?

Replacement parts made by Certi-Pik, USA for John Deere pickers are designed with tight engineering specs. They are manufactured to precise tolerances. They are rigorously tested, and they are made with only the best materials available. Each row unit on a John Deere cotton picker has over 3,000 unique parts, manufactured for a perfect fit on a reliable machine.

To protect your investment, optimize your performance, and avoid breakdowns in the field, you want the best parts you can buy for your money. At Certi-Pik, USA, we sell aftermarket parts which are on par or better than the OEM standards.

John Deere Spindles and Assemblies

Everything about your cotton picker makes it a close-tolerance, incredibly complex machine. The complexity of modern spindle pickers requires operators to be skilled professionals.

Maintaining spindle pickers requires you to have precision equipment in your shop for adjustments and repair, especially when you are getting row units ready for the picking season. You have to get the tilt of the row unit right for the kind of bed the farmer used to plant the cotton. Minimal tilt may be needed to pick cotton planted in a no-till field, but greater tilt is needed to get all the cotton off heavy-fruiting plants.

The reason to do your pre-season work is simple: Spindles get a work out during harvest season. Hardened spindles with sharpened barbs must rotate at high speed synchronized with harvesting speed.

What makes Certi-Pik, USA spindles the superior choice for repairs to your John Deere cotton picker or cotton stripper?

  • Our quality control checks them for correct fit and function. As with any of our parts, we will not sell a part that knowingly does not work.
  • These spindles have hardened cases that ensure they break instead of bending when they hit hard objects, minimizing damage to adjacent parts.
  • They are double chrome plated to fight rust, corrosion, and wear.

Spindle assemblies come all-in-one for quick repair in the shop or even in the field. Spindle nuts are given an organic-friendly coating. Double chrome PRO spindles were made for a 50 percent longer life over 1st generation spindles and are suitable for the harshest harvest and weather conditions.

John Deere Spindle Components

Spindle components are engineered and manufactured to the same high standard as every other part of the machine.

The spindle nut assembly comes ready to go. There is no need to push the bushing into the nut before it is installed. The coating on the nut is durable to resist rust and corrosion.

The dust collar fits tight to keep grease from leaking. It has no burrs that can cause wrapping around the spindle. When you use Certi-Pik, USA parts, you can be sure that you have the right fit to keep the spindle turning.

Bushings are designed to stringent specifications to ensure consistent, tight fit. They are engineered to eliminate seizing and to reduce the possibility of dead spikes. Our bushings are made from an alloy of iron and bronze that reduces friction and ensures good penetration of grease.

As the left-hand cam arms have all but become a thing of the past due to newer In-Line Row units, we supply right-hand cam arms that are not painted similar to how you might find them elsewhere in the marketplace. They are checked for accuracy and hardness to provide the best option available.

The cam roller is made from a high alloy material that reduces cam track wear. It increases reliability and decreases replacement costs by reducing wear on mating parts. It is precision-engineered to exact tolerances to provide smooth operation of the bar around the cam track.

The picker bars are flexible, so they bend instead of breaking, made from seamless, lightweight aluminum.

The top bar spur gear is made from billet steel which is stronger than sintered powdered metal. It is heat treated and manufactured with a precision-drilled cross-hole perpendicular to the main bore. We also manufacture our drive shafts with exact-fit cross drilled holes to ensure the highest picking time possible out of your gears, and pins. This makes it easier to assemble with a tighter fit. Reducing wear to mating parts extends tooth life.

The spindle driveshaft kit comes complete with gears. Picker bar assembly kits are also available. They include cam arm, driveshaft, gears, pins, sleeve, PRO-XL spindles, and all you need for your assembly.

Don’t forget the moistener system and accessory parts

No system on the cotton picker is more often overlooked than the moistener system. This system serves a dual purpose. It keeps the spindles clean and slick, so the doffers operate efficiently. Even experienced operators sometimes blame chunked doffers or wrapped spindles for problems that are actually caused by failure to maintain the moistener system.

Certi-Pik, USA’s custom ‘Star’ lube hole pattern distributes the solution more evenly across the spindles than John Deere’s moistener pads’ X design. The pad can be rotated 90 degrees for maximum efficiency. The pad has full, thick fins and clean holes. They are easy to install, and they stay in place.

Urethane doffers stand up to sticks, stone, and field debris. They are precision blanked to be balanced and concentric. They are easy to install and last dependably in all field operations.

Our moistener column has been re-engineered to be stronger and last longer than the OEM design. Certi-Pik, USA can supply you with vine cutters, scrapping, stalk lifter rods, mud scrapers, and much more. With over 1200 parts available, we are constantly on the lookout to provide new products to help streamline your operation.

Where to Get Your Replacement Parts

You might be used to genuine OEM parts for your cotton harvester, but they aren’t your only choice. You can rely on Certi-Pik, USA for high-quality remanufactured parts, and when parts are in short supply, the best alternatives from other manufacturers.

Certi-Pik, USA has been working with clients around the world to provide the best selection of cotton picker parts since 1988. We fabricate parts for new and older machines that we have in stock for rebuilding cotton pickers. We bring all of our expertise to all of our work, and we take pride in giving out customers only the best.

Contact us at (712) 752-8460 or use our online form to place an order or receive more information. Ask for one of our qualified personnel when you need information about support or sales. We look forward to helping you!