CTX Pressure Doors for John Deere & Case IH

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CTX Pressure Doors are essential upgrade for old and new cotton harvesters for both John Deere and Case IH equipment. On the John Deere: from the 9960 through the CP690 Balers, and the Case IH 2000 series through the Module Express Balers, they serve to modernize your equipment without you having to make any kind of major investment in new technology.

Current CTX pressure doors provide many advantages over OEM equipment. Foremost, the Picking zone is deeper and longer, ensuring that more of the spindle is used, resulting in longer spindle life and more cotton picked. Eight barbs on the spindle are used, compared to three when using OEM doors. This will not only increase your yield but also extend the life of your spindles. The deep radius picking zone design will ensure that the door does not warp from plant pressure compared to the OEM design that bends easily and won’t pick well, no matter how sharp the spindles are. When the picking gets tough, this door and the specially designed aluminum scrapping plates will ensure that more cotton will consistently end up in your basket. Those testing our side doors side by side with OEM equipment have testified to shutting down to wait for a full set of our CTX doors. Some yields have increased by 14 to 30 percent.

In addition to all the above improvements which also apply to Case IH doors, the Case IH style also provides you with a one-piece design which will eliminate the costly problems and downtime that results from the rear extension falling off after the pivoting hinge has worn through. Optionally, a removable extension is available for the front door if you want to more easily swing open the door to check the condition of your picking unit. With the new design of the door, plugging problems have been virtually eliminated and the removable extension is rarely used. You will be pleased to know that Case IH adapted our design to be used on their newest Module Express machines, so if you ever question our product, know that the OEM manufacturers considered ours a worth upgrade to their machinery.

By virtually any yardstick you care to use, the new CTX pressure doors are a major upgrade over the old ones, and they are what you should have on your harvester if you mean to stay on top of today’s technology.

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When you’re ready to purchase your new CTX pressure doors, contact Certi-Pik USA so that we can ship your new doors to you in the quickest possible time. We can supply you with aftermarket replacement doors for either John Deere or Case IH Harvesters, so whatever your preference we will be glad to help you out.

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