Case IH Water System Parts That Work Best for Farmers

cotton harvester

The Case IH water system is an integral part of any cotton harvester. Many mechanical benefits keep the cotton-picking machine operating smoothly during the entire operation concerning the harvest. The water system keeps everything lubricated and keeps the cotton and debris from clogging up all the mechanical parts that could destroy expensive parts.

Information on Case IH Water System

There are three main components: the pump, the water tank, and the distribution network. Each of these parts has a specific function and work together to ensure that the cotton and the debris from the plant do not stay wrapped around the spindles and moistener pads of the cotton harvesting machine.

If the cotton or debris gets caught up in the parts, it could catch fire or cause other parts to break down. The IH water system has a solution tank that feeds the water-soluble lubricant to the moistener pads on the moistener column, which cleans the spindles so they can keep picking the cotton without any delays or problems.

The Parts of the Case IH Water System

There are many different parts to the Case IH water system, and each has its own purpose. Here is a list of the Case IH water system parts that are utilized in the cotton picker.

  • The pump: The pump is responsible for moving water from the reservoir to the distribution system. Choosing a powerful pump to move the water you need is essential for maintaining constant pressure to remove all of the debris from the mechanical components.
  • The water tank: The tank stores water used by the water system. The cotton picker is designed to have a large enough tank to hold the amount of water you need. Consideration was taken with the property size and how much cotton needs harvesting; the holding tank should last long enough to get the job done. It is important to maintain an adequate level of cleaning solution.
  • The distribution: Once the pump pulls the water out of the tank, it goes into the moistener column’s arms and pads for distribution. This is what keeps everything clean and lubricated throughout the process of the harvest.
  • The moistener pads: These pads keep the spindles lubricated as everything keeps turning. There is a lubricating solution within the water tank reservoir to keep everything flowing. The pads hold the water and lubricants to keep the cotton and plant debris from getting wrapped up as they need to be checked for excessive wear and changed regularly through maintenance.

Using the Case IH Water System for Cotton Picking Machines

Cotton picking machines are an essential part of the cotton farming process. Without them, farmers would have to rely on manual labor to harvest their crops, which is time-consuming and physically demanding. Case IH water systems help make the cotton-picking process more efficient by providing a way to remove the cotton from the bolls quickly and easily from the plant.

The Case IH water system consists of three parts: the tank, the pump and the moistener column. The pump draws water from a water tank and then delivers it to the moistener column. The moistener column is equipped with plastic tubing which carries the water solution efficiently to all the moistener pads along the height of the moistener column on the cotton picker.

The Case IH water system is similar on both small and large cotton-picking machines. When the water system is turned on, the moistener pads have an internal chamber that allows the water solution to flow through strategically placed holes among the pad’s flexible fins to fully coat the moistener pad and clean the spindles as they pass beneath the pads. The cotton bolls are then easily collected by the picker and deposited into a container.

The main advantage of maintaining a Case IH water system is that it significantly reduces the time and labor required to harvest cotton. In addition, using an appropriate water solution will keep your lines and tank clean and provide a peace of mind that your machine is cleaning as efficiently as possible. It also removes the threat of a fire hazard by removing the cotton from the spindles and other components where the cotton may become stuck. The fast-spinning components could cause potentially plugged cotton to catch on fire, causing extensive damage to the machinery and the crop.

Maintenance For the Case IH Water System

The good news is that the water system has little to no maintenance as it continually flushes itself throughout the harvesting process. As long as the moistener pads are in good enough shape to keep going, the lubrication process and the distribution keep everything in check. Ensuring the tank stays full and using a clean water-based solution is essential to keeping the operation going. The rest of the maintenance is the usual check-ups on the harvesters.

Replacement Parts for the Case IH Water System

Farmers know the headache when the daily equipment breaks down and must find the parts for their equipment. The moistener pads and arms are among the most common parts sought out in high demand. Certi-Pik is the guaranteed way to go to keep the farmers in business.

After-market parts are more affordable and we strive to keep them on hand so you can find them in stock when you need them the most. Picking the correct parts for your water system can differentiate between a good and a great harvest.

Case IH offers a wide variety of water system parts designed to work best for farmers. Case IH has the parts for your needs in the parts department. Finding the retailer is the next step, but you do not have to look far because Certi-Pik carries a wide variety of the parts for the Case IH brand equipment, especially for the water system. For more information, contact us today.