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What is Supima Cotton and Where is it Grown?

Cotton products have figuratively become “woven into the fabric of our lives.” It is used in many personal and household items. It is one of the world’s leading agricultural crops because it is plentiful and can be produced economically, making products relatively inexpensive. Eli Whitney, an American inventor who is credited with inventing the cotton […]

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Pima Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton, Which is Softest?

There are five main varieties of cotton that are commercially grown. For comparison, just in the United States, there are about 2,500 varieties of apples. Cotton fibers may be similar, but each variety has its own properties. Egyptian material is very soft, while Asiatic material is coarse, used for blankets and other types of cloth. […]

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When is Cotton Harvested in the United States?

The United States is the world’s leading cotton exporter. In 2017, over 20 million bales were produced in the United States accounting for over $7 billion to the economy. China and India together produce about 50% of the world’s fiber, but much of the material stays in their countries for manufacturing. The industry in the […]

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