A Few Offseason Maintenance Tips for Your Cotton Picker Spindle

While it might look big, bulky and ready to take all of the wear and tear you can throw at it, the fact of the matter is that your cotton picker spindle can actually be a delicate piece of machinery, depending on what capacity you’re talking about it in. For example, it might be able to stand up to acre after acre of cotton harvesting during peak season, but on the other hand, even the slightest issue with any number of its vital components could result in a machine that’s virtually useless, or worse, does more harm than good.

To this end, it’s important that during the offseason, your cotton picker spindle is maintained to the highest standards of quality and that everything necessary is done to preserve the function and integrity of this part before we put it back into use again in the near future. Take a look at some of the most important factors to consider during this year’s offseason when it comes to cotton picker spindle repairs and maintenance:

  • Make sure that the height and tilt of your row units is precise and not uneven or off balance. Keeping the row uniform and balanced will ensure maximum picking efficiency and lessen the chance of complications that can come with slanted or tilted row units. This also ensures faster clearing of debris, which might otherwise bog down and create wear for the bottom of the cabinets.
  • The spindles and spindle bushings of your unit should be sharp for prime picking. Over time they can dull the entire spindle, making it important to inspect it at length—usually the bottom half of the spindle will wear quicker than the top half. Also important to look for is any rusting that may have occurred since the picker’s last use. Finally, remove and replace any dead or non-rotating spindles that may be bogging down your system, even if the bar needs to be removed and completely disassembled to complete this task.
  • Replacing any worn out parts is a must before harvesting season is upon us again, so be sure to thoroughly sweep through the essential components of your machine, keeping an eye out for damages that may indicate the need for a replacement. Typically, you can expect about 600 hours of picking from your spindle and bushings, which are the prime candidates for part replacements.
  • When it comes to the spindle moistening system, clean off any residue that may have built up over time. This will allow the moistening system to function more effectively without diluting the solution.

Keep in mind that your cotton picker spindle will require even more care and attention than what’s listed above—these are just a few quick tips that will put you on the right track to thorough and encompassing maintenance and care. And, should you need assistance finding replacement parts or essential components, know that Certi-Pik, USA is here to help you!