Cotton Growing Tips to Achieve Best Results This Season

Spring has been in full swing for a few weeks now, and making sure you take the right steps from the time you begin preparing to put your cotton seed in the ground until the time it is harvested will be important. Here are some key factors that, along with some help from reliable cotton picker parts, can help you yield successful results this season.

Timing is everything

Cotton crops will need at least 120 to 180 frost-free days to grow effectively, so planters will have to make sure that all frost hazards in a particular climate area have passed before planting seeds. Some farmers work with warmer temperatures year-round, and are able to begin planting as early as mid-March when spring officially begins. Other areas of the country, particularly in the Midwest, typically have to wait until the end of March or the beginning of April to begin planting to ensure that the soil temperatures have warmed to at least 65 degrees.

Preparing the soil for success

Since cotton originates in tropical climates and can only thrive in warm conditions, farmers must make sure that their crops have plenty of access to sunshine and sufficient moisture. Like all plants, cotton requires healthy, rich soil that has been nurtured with organic compounds and has been well drained to prevent oversaturation to allow for proper growth. Soil that is prone to oversaturation could potentially restrict the flow of much-needed oxygen to the cotton plant and stunt the growth process, so making sure to avoid this pitfall through planning and preparation is vital.

Oversaturation could also lead to soil crusting—the forming of a hard layer on the surface as wet soil begins to dry. This hardened layer could lead to breakage and other problems for the crops as they try to break through the surface. Because of this, the optimal depth for seed planting is relatively shallow, between 0.5 and 1.5 inches at the most, shortening the distance the plant has to travel to begin emergence. If you do notice this soil crusting, be sure to break up the crust right away to assist in the plant’s growth.

The cotton growing season is long but rewarding, and when it is time to begin harvesting your crops, you will need to make sure that all of your machines are ready to get the job done. If you are preparing your equipment for the season and find that you need cotton picker parts, make sure you seek out the best quality to ensure that your harvester will be working as efficiently as possible.

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