We Carry the Latest for Cotton Baler Parts and Machines

Your cotton harvester is an investment that needs to last. It is expensive to replace, so many customers prefer to upgrade and only replace their pickers when extremely necessary. When it is time to upgrade your current machine (or replace it), you want to find a leader in cotton baler parts and equipment so there is little risk in making that effort. Certi-Pik, USA is the specialist retailer you can rely on for these needs. Here are four reasons we can carry the latest developments for the cotton production industry and make them available to you:

  • Experience: There is no doubt when it comes to the extensive knowledge of our staff. Certi-Pik, USA has served U.S. and international customers since 1988. All team members are educated on the various makes and models of harvesters and what they need to perform efficiently. If you’ve never performed a rebuild before or find your troubleshooting goes wrong, we can help. The same is true if you need a part that fell out of production—we can find the closest replica that will keep your harvester running. Customers feel they can rely on us, which results in good relationships between our company and harvester manufacturers.
  • Connections: We cannot provide the latest and greatest in parts and machinery without good connections with manufacturers. Certi-Pik, USA works with the largest manufacturers for fabricated replacement parts, and that allows us to offer an extensive inventory to our customers. This includes specialty items, sheet metal parts and rebuild kits that may not be offered by other distributors. Since we are known for our knowledge and excellent customer service, manufacturers consider us an asset and keep us informed on all their new developments. That helps you produce better cotton yields using the latest technology.
  • Reputation and quality: It takes work to preserve our reputation and dedication to quality parts and services. Since we wish to preserve our leadership position in this industry, we only offer the highest quality parts and harvesters. However, that would not work well unless we included good customer service with the latest developments. Therefore, we offer options for payment, shipping, returns and warranties. You can buy from us in confidence knowing we stay with you until your harvester works well again. That inspires manufacturers to provide inventory to us that they may not sell through other distributors. Just because we are one of the few specialists in this industry does not mean we sacrifice quality due to lack of competition.
  • Quality control: Standard parts and new developments must pass our quality control measures. Even if something is new to you, there is assurance that it will meet your expectations, if not exceed them. Your willingness to rely on us and take a chance leads manufacturers to continue providing the latest technology for harvesters. That keeps our inventory current.

To find the most options in cotton baler parts and machines, contact Certi-Pik, USA today. We are prepared to assist you with your rebuild, upgrade or new purchase.