Consider CTX Extended Doors with Your Next Purchase

If you use an older model cotton baler, consider adding CTX extended doors the next time you need to replace them. These are among your options for cotton picker parts that bring older equipment into the modern age without your having to make an expensive capital investment in a new picker. Here are six benefits to purchasing CTX extended doors for your harvester:

  • Easy upgrade: Current picker doors offer better pressure against the plants, which increases your yields. This is the natural evolution of technology, and the cotton production was never immune to these developments. These make cotton harvesting easier and more efficient. You do not have to buy a new cotton picker to enjoy this benefit—you can simply upgrade parts. Doors are a good start to this effort.
  • Covers more area: With extended doors, you can harvest wider rows and pick more cotton. This will change your routine, but also keep you in the field for a shorter time. That can be an advantage if you anticipate the weather changing suddenly or have a market deadline for your crop.
  • Better movement: Doors become stiff over time. This is due to the wear in the hinges, and once this starts, you will miss plants and reduce your harvest. The new CTX extended doors operate more smoothly for easier movement. You can also adjust the tension to the conditions so your harvester puts just the right amount of pressure on your plants without compromising them. When you install new doors, that replaces tension springs, scrapping inserts, hinge pins and mounting holes. All of this prevents doors from dragging and ruining your rows.
  • Preserve spindles: One common danger to spindles is the doors losing pressure and grinding against the tips. You will not only experience failing doors in this scenario, but also find you need to replace spindles. While many customers are accustomed to rebuilding and repairing their harvesters as needed, you likely want to keep these efforts from becoming too expensive through unnecessary damage. Replace your doors and preserve spindles through better clearance.
  • Reduce scrapes: When doors get scraped or dented, that leaves them vulnerable to corrosion. That is never a good development for equipment that works primarily outside, and since cotton produces dust and filaments, that only increases the stress. With the latest in doors, including the extended ones, you are less likely to experience body damage with your harvester, which helps it last longer.
  • More options: Upgrading to extender doors removes the one-size-fits-all approach to cotton harvesting. It is easier to adjust tension to the conditions or take steps to maintain your rows. Your equipment can adapt to the circumstances rather than employing near-heroic measures to make everything work despite adversity. When you upgrade to extended doors, there are few conditions that make cotton harvesting impossible.

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