Five Reasons Why Cotton Picker Parts Fail

Having a cotton picking machine that functions properly is essential for getting the most out of your crop each and every year and for having efficient harvesting processes. Even a single part that’s not working properly could affect the efficiency of the entire piece of machinery, which could result in your harvesting processes slowing down significantly until you’re able to make the repair.

But why exactly do cotton picker parts fail to begin with? As the owner of a cotton picking machine, it’s important that you understand the issues that cause part failure and what you can do to prevent it. Here are a few of the most common issues:

  • Improper usage of the part: There are times when people will put parts into a cotton picker in a way they’re not supposed to be used. This will, not surprisingly, lead to a failure of the part. Make sure you are using parts that have been designed for your specific machine—work with a manufacturer who will custom-make parts for you, if you’re not able to find the part you need standard on the market.
  • Low-quality parts: Sometimes there’s no real reason for a part failing other than it being cheap or of low quality. Do some thorough research on the parts you buy and the manufacturers that make them before you purchase the part. You want to be sure you’re making an investment in a high-quality part that you won’t just have to replace again in a couple years. Save yourself some money with this research—you’ll be glad you did.
  • Poor maintenance habits: Cotton picker parts require a certain level of maintenance to keep them in good operational condition throughout each season. If you have any concerns about your part’s functional capabilities, it’s important you address them immediately before the potential repairs become even more significant. Make it a priority to have your machinery professionally serviced on a regular basis to keep it operating well and to make sure all parts are working exactly as they should.
  • Bad dealer: The correct maintenance efforts will only do so much for you if you’re working with a bad parts dealer. A dealer or manufacturer who is unreliable and does not have a good reputation for their work is simply not a good choice for purchasing parts for your machinery. An inexperienced or unqualified dealer might recommend the wrong part, or could fail to take certain elements of your machinery into account with their recommendation. You can avoid this issue by thoroughly researching any dealer or manufacturer before deciding to work with them. This research could save you a lot of time and money in the long run.
  • Lack of cleaning: Cotton picker parts should be regularly cleaned and lubricated to ensure smooth operation. Always use the correct oils and lubricating agents for your parts—check the manual for the machinery to see if there are any instructions with regard to this.

For more information about maintaining your cotton picker parts, contact Certi-Pik, USA today.