Cotton Strippers vs. Cotton Picker Spindles

Cotton has been one of the most important crops grown in the United States for hundreds of years. The fibers of this plant can be made into an incredible array of quality textiles used in clothing, furniture, linens and a wide array of other consumer products. However, before cotton can be processed into the many products that we find in our homes and on the shelves of retail stores, it must be harvested.

Harvesting cotton can be a complicated process, which means that it’s necessary to use high quality equipment and machinery. Two of the primary types of cotton harvesting machinery are cotton strippers and cotton picker spindles, both of which offer specific features and advantages.

The basics of cotton strippers and cotton picker spindles

While cotton strippers and cotton picker spindles are both designed to effectively harvest cotton, they operate differently and have different capabilities. Cotton strippers, just like their name suggests, are designed to strip cotton from the plant. Cotton strippers pull the entire cotton boll from the plant, regardless of whether the cotton is ripe or not, and even cut off a portion of the plant stem. After being harvested, the cotton is run through a machine that separates the cotton fiber and the plant matter.

Cotton pickers and cotton picker spindles are designed for more selective and less invasive harvesting. The spindles pick ripe cotton and leave behind the bulk of the plant matter, including unripe bolls. On farms that use cotton pickers, harvesting is usually done multiple times in a single season to give all of the cotton a chance to grow and maximize the yield of the cotton plants.

Which one is better?

You’re probably wondering whether it’s better for you to invest in cotton strippers or cotton picker spindles, but the answer really depends on your specific needs and preferences. No piece of equipment is perfect, and each has certain advantages and disadvantages to take into account. Generally, cotton strippers are better if you need to harvest as much cotton as possible in a single pass. This method is ideal if weather conditions or time constraints make multiple harvests unfeasible.

Cotton picker spindles, on the other hand, will selectively harvest ripe cotton and leave unripe plants to continue growing. This is a gentler method that’s best if you can harvest multiple times over the course of a season. At the end of the day, it’s up to your own judgment to determine which choice is best for you.

Learn more about cotton harvesting equipment and machinery

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