When Do You Know You Need New Cotton Picker Parts?

You rely on your cotton picker to reliably deliver the performance and efficiency that you need to maintain a high level of production. Unfortunately, cotton picker parts and components will eventually begin to wear out or become damaged, and you will need to have them replaced. The problem is that it isn’t always easy to determine whether it’s time to invest in replacement parts. By looking out for a few key signs that replacement is necessary, you can ensure that your cotton picker continues to operate effectively:

  • Decreasing performance: If you notice that your cotton picker isn’t as effective at removing cotton fibers from the plants during harvest as it once was, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with your cotton picker parts. Try adjusting some parts to see if that helps improve your cotton picker’s performance. If not, you should have any broken or damaged cotton picker parts replaced so that your picker will be able to operate the way it should.
  • Visible wear and tear: It’s a good idea to inspect your cotton picker parts closely on a regular basis so that you can check for signs of visible wear and tear. Your cotton picker parts are designed to be durable, and they are put through a lot during use, but you shouldn’t see major signs of wear, tear and damage in your parts. If you do, it’s a sign that you should have those components replaced.
  • Insufficient maintenance history: Regular maintenance is essential if you want to keep your cotton picker in good working condition. If you haven’t kept up on maintenance for your equipment or you aren’t sure about the maintenance history of your machinery, you might need to get replacement parts sooner than you would if your cotton picker was well taken care of. You should reach out to a professional who specializes in cotton picker repair to inspect your machine and help you determine what maintenance is necessary to get your equipment back into the best shape possible.
  • Common mechanical issues: The occasional mechanical failure is virtually inevitable when you’re working with heavy duty equipment, but you shouldn’t be running into major issues on a regular basis. If you notice frequent smoldering in your cotton picker, it’s a sign that your parts are failing. As you use your cotton picker, your mechanical components will begin to accumulate debris and residual oil that can fuel fires and take a toll on your machinery’s efficiency and performance. In many cases, the best way to solve these problems is to invest in replacement parts.

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