John Deere CP690 FAQ’s

John Deere Cp690 Faq's

For cotton producers, the harvesting season can be a particularly busy and stressful time of the year. However, this period does not have to be horrible because you can use cotton collector machines to make operations more efficient and realize labor and equipment savings. The John Deere CP690 picker features Precision Cotton Harvesting Technology that offers amazing benefits.

What are the Engine Specs?

The CP690 harvester is a powerful system that comes with a turbocharged 6-cylinder, 13.5-liter engine. The engine makes up to 560 horsepower, with the power boost function providing an extra 30 horsepower to ensure more power to pick in demanding conditions. With the high output alternator that delivers up to 200 amps, you will have enough charge to power everything in the picker without depleting the battery.

What are the Harvesting Specs?

In addition to the engine that produces up to 560 horsepower, the in-line spindle-type picking units help to maximize capacity and productivity by reducing picking efficiency losses. The in-line configuration is such that the two drums pick from one side, effectively facilitating narrow row harvesting. This harvester is fitted with a round bale carrier that lets the operator carry completed round bales as he continues picking and making another round bale. The front and rear drums work together to ensure higher speeds and time maximization.

What is the Price of a Brand New One?

If you are looking for a brand new CP690 picker, you can expect to pay anything from $978,897 for the base machine. However, the manufacturer allows customers to build their own equipment, with the changes resulting in adjustments in the price. Some of the features that you can change include picking units, engine emission level, wheels and tires, drive axle extensions and drive shafts, display hardware, and receiver.

How Large is the Accumulator?

The newest John Deere collector accumulator features six rows, in spacings of 30, 36, 38, and 40 inches. With the high-volume accumulator, the machine can harvest cotton nonstop as it is processed.

The accumulator is where cotton is moved to once it has been harvested. Material is collected until the accumulator is full, after which it is forwarded to the round module chamber where belts form the round module. The completed round module is then placed at the end of the row. The big accumulator makes it possible for the operator to stay in the row.

John Deere Cp690 How Big Is A Handler Module

How Big are the Modules?

The completed modules from the handler will measure up to 94 inches in diameter and 96 inches in width. With this size, it is easier to transport and store cotton, because large volumes of material are formed into a few modules to ensure simpler management. The size especially comes in handy when the material is harvested from a large field. In the end, proper transportation and storage will help to maintain quality.

What is the Average Baler Amount per Roll?

With a series of belts that roll the material into shape, the round bale builder has changed harvesting in remarkable ways. Each round bale that is produced measures 94 inches in diameter and weighs an average of 2.8 tons. A single round bale can produce about four standard bales.

What Years are this Model Available in?

The CP690 picker is available in different models ranging from 2016 to 2020. While the older models are generally cheaper, advanced features and new agricultural technology have been added to each subsequent model to make harvesting easier, faster, and more efficient. Before investing in a harvester, you may want to look at the various features that the machine has to ensure it will help meet your needs.

Where can I buy Replacement Parts?

When looking for replacement parts for your CP690 picker, you will want to find quality parts that will keep your machine running for a long time. There are two options that you can consider: aftermarket parts and parts from the original manufacturer.

For aftermarket parts, Certi-Pik has a wide range of quality cotton harvester replacement parts at competitive prices. In case you prefer buying parts from the original equipment manufacturer, you can purchase the replacement parts from John Deere. Make sure you choose the right spare parts for your model.

How Much do Replacement Parts Cost?

The price of harvester replacement parts will depend on the specific part you need as well as where you buy them from. Generally, aftermarket parts will be less expensive than the original equipment manufacturer parts. When buying from John Deere directly, depending on the part needed, prices can range from a few to several thousands of dollars.

Where Can I Buy a New Model?

If you want to purchase a new John Deere CP690 picker model, you will have to get it from an authorized dealership. While a new machine will be pricey, it will generally come with a warranty and involve fewer repairs. Another advantage of new models is that they have the latest technology, with the manufacturer providing the option of building your own unit to match your unique needs. The dealer may offer financing at an attractive rate that reduces the amount of interest you will pay during the term of the loan.

Where Can I Buy a Used Model?

A used model would be a great option if you are working with a limited budget. If you do your due diligence and establish that the machine is in good condition, it is likely to serve you for many years. There are quite a few reputable resellers that can be found online, with detailed information on the models being listed. To get a good deal, you should take the time to go through the pickers that are available for sale. Compare the prices, engine hours, and separator hours to find the best equipment for your needs. You can also contact your local dealer, as many licensed John Deere Dealers will often also have used models that they can show you.

What is the Charge per Acre?

When it comes to producing cotton-fiber, harvesting is one of the most costly operations. With a large amount of capital required and other responsibilities that come with owning harvest equipment, you can consider custom hiring. However, each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. When comparing the two, the following formula can be used:
Breakeven Acres = The Total Fixed Costs of Annual Harvest Equipment, Divided by the number found from the cost of hiring an operator to harvest minus the estimated cost of self harvesting.

So for example, if you were to determine that the total annual fixed cost for your harvester was $42,668, and estimated that the harvesting costs of labor, repairs, and fuel came out to $22.31 per acre, and you would then need to compare this to the cost of hiring an operator to do the harvesting for you. If you sourced a local operator who charged ten cents per pound, and you had an average yield of 812 pounds per acre, that would mean that their costs would be roughly $81.26 per acre.
When applied with this formula, $42,668 divided by ($81.26 minus $22.31), you will find that 724 acres will need to be harvested before the cost breaks even, and any number of acres beyond that will result in mounting savings.

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What’s the Maximum Row Unit Sync Speed?

The maximum row-unit sync speed of the John Deere CP690 picker is 4.4 miles per hour. This is the speed at which the vehicle ground speed and the bars and spindles are well synchronized. The John Deere picker is a powerful and capable machine that will harvest quickly without compromising picking efficiency.

What is the Peak Horsepower?

This John Deere harvester is truly a game-changer when it comes to harvesting, delivering 590 horsepower when operating at peak performance. The 13.5-liter Tier 4 engine churns out 560 horsepower and an additional 30 horsepower when the power boost function is activated. With the increased power and performance, this machine allows you to pick more in less time even in tough conditions.

What is John Deere’s Next Generation ProDrive?

John Deere’s next-generation ProDrive is an advanced automatic shift transmission that enables the operator to achieve precise and consistent control of the machine in tough harvesting conditions. ProDrive promotes seamless shifting when going up and down hills and lets you choose the best speed depending on whether you are doing normal harvesting or faster fieldwork. The technology also delivers more torque at a harvesting speed to help make work light under tough conditions.

What are the Module Dimensions?

The round modules that the machine produces are 94 inches in diameter and 96 inches wide, which is a great size for when you need to manage harvests from large fields. The size of the modules also makes it easier to monitor harvests from different farms and transport the material conveniently.

What is the Module Weight?

Each of the modules weighs between 4,500 and 5,500 pounds. The module weight is roughly a quarter of the weight of a standard module, making it easy to cover the material with a plastic film for protection. Considering the size and power of the harvest equipment, the weight allows you to haul the modules from the field to the gin conveniently.

What is the Picking Unit Style?

The CP690 picker has in-line spindle picking units. Since the in-line arrangement has both drums on the right side of the row, the units will only pick from this side of the plant. This picking technology enables you to pick in a variety of conditions and helps to reduce picking efficiency losses.

How Many Bars are at the Front and Rear?

There are 16 bars at the front and 12 bars at the rear. The harvester bars are arranged on rotating drums, effectively pulling in the material when harvesting. These harvester bars work in concert to ensure that material is harvested quickly and that the quality is not affected.

Is it Front or Rear Wheel Drive?

This picker is a full-time rear-wheel drive. Since power is transferred to the back wheels, some of the advantages you will enjoy include better acceleration, superior handling, and improved braking. The rear-wheel-drive also improves handling in dry conditions and is associated with lower maintenance costs since they do not have many parts packed into a small space.

High Quality Aftermarket Parts for Your Cotton Picker

When you buy a John Deere CP690 picker for your harvesting needs, you are likely to achieve a more productive harvest with less labor. With the superior power and performance of the machine, you will save both time and money regardless of the harvesting conditions.