Why are Farmers Suing John Deere?

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For many decades, John Deere made it clear to all who purchased their tractors that all the repairs would go through the John Deere repair shops nationwide. Now the Department of Justice has stated to the courts, fighting for the farmers’ rights to choose which shop they wish to use for repairs and even lean toward fixing the repairs themselves.

It is a class action lawsuit between John Deere vs. the Farmers. This is excellent news for those selling John Deere after-market parts because sales will soar as the farmers can get their tractors up and running faster than before.

The Class Act Lawsuit

The problem farmers face is the time it takes for their equipment to get repaired. The NPR reported that a farmer said it took weeks to complete repairs. There is a backup during harvest seasons; sometimes, the farmers lose their crops while waiting for the repairs. When service is needed, only the dealership can unlock software and specific tools to get the job done. John Deere holds 53 percent of the market and can charge $150 per hour.

The class-action lawsuit came from Forest River Farms in North Dakota in early 2022. There were several complaints, but the main issue is that the farmers want a choice if the dealership is too busy to do the repairs. The farmers stated they could even work on their equipment if it came down to the last resort.

In 1992, Kodak lost its case in the Supreme Court because it wanted to stop other companies from copying their machine repairs. Since 2014, the DOJ cited that farms were forced into bankruptcy due to the loss of their harvest because of the delays in repairs. The DOJ is on the farmers’ side with the statement that there is no assertion that a competitive repair market is the same as a competitive tractor market.

Other Companies Stepping Up

Several are involved with the class action lawsuit in John Deere vs. The Farmers. Repair.org is one of those stepping up to support the farmers and speak on their behalf nationwide. These are people who are farmers, and some worked at John Deere. Their main goal is to cater to the farmers and ranchers in their time of need to keep their business going.

They use strategic statements concerning repair markets, and if they are functioning poorly, the entire agriculture division suffers. Fewer choices in repair companies simultaneously lead to the loss of business and culture. Even independent repair shops suffer when major companies hold all the cards.

John Deere’s Statements

John Deere filed their repair business to come up with the numbers for the courts. It showed they made three to six times more profit in the repair business than in machine sales. A few years ago, in 2020, they told their investors that maintenance and parts services only made up 20 percent of their profits.

They did not make public statements but did sign an agreement with the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF). The agreement stated they would allow third-party repairs and promised to hold true to the contract until legislation passes at the state or federal level. So far, similar bills have been put on the floor in Congress to fine companies up to 20K for each violation. Colorado is the most recent to consider, and others are likely to follow. However, none have gotten past the introduction stage. So far, 11 states have considered.

John Deere’s case states that they have an agreement with those who purchase their equipment, and the farmers know the deal they make in advance. Their defense is that there is no way to figure out the time frame of the repairs, the costs, and the frequency. There are different variables, and there is no way to give a date to the farmers until they know what the issues are with the repairs.

The Court’s Decision

It could take years to decades for a lawsuit to be over. In the meantime, all the courts have is the DOJ’s statement from the Biden administration. The courts will have a difficult time ignoring those statements, and those states that have this issue on the floor of their legislation are reviewing all sides to see if lawmakers can come to the rescue.

Many are crying out to speed up the process, and the legislation will likely do something before the courts. Timeframes are unknown, and John Deere did agree to ease up on the third parties to handle repairs.

How A Class Action Lawsuit Helps John Deere After Market Parts

The after-market parts for John Deere and Case will increase sales due to all this hype. Sometimes the controversy is a good thing when talking about getting the right parts for cheaper and still maintaining the best quality. All the service companies can merge together when it comes to ordering parts. Local stores will become dealers of after-market parts, and it will help the entire community. These are the primary things that will make it better for everyone.

  • Dealers will sell more parts.
  • Farmers will get their tractors fixed in a timely fashion.
  • No crops or harvests will be lost due to a lack of repairs.
  • If the farmers can have their choice of a mechanic or fix the tractors themselves, they can save money for their families or farming business.
  • Companies like Certi-Pik will prosper from wholesale to the dealers or directly to the farmers.

How to Get John Deere After-Market Parts

Certi-Pik, USA, is where you will find John Deere after-market parts. The OEM has the original brand name parts, but as you can see, service and repairs will become easier if legislation passes or the court sides with the farmers. The farmers will benefit significantly because their tractors will be fixed sooner than expected. Certi-Pik, USA, strives to have what you need in stock, and shipments go out the same or the next day. Contact Certi-Pik, USA, with the information on the parts you need today.