Is the John Deere Tractor the Strongest Tractor Ever Made?

John Deere Tractor on a farm

For over 100 years, John Deere has put forth the best quality tractors that many farmers trust. A John Deere tractor or machine exists for almost every task sold on the market or directly to the farmers in the John Deere brand. John Deere aftermarket parts are there for quick and durable fixes when they break down. But it leaves the question. Is John Deere the strongest tractor created?

Perception is a decisive factor in this answer, but models 8850, 9RX 640, and 4455 are the strongest listed in sales by most farmers. It is measured by the four-wheel drive, the engine size and horsepower, the massive size of the 9RX 640 tractor, and the brand’s durability.

The successful results of the old and new models speak volumes. Looking at the top three models, we can understand what makes John Deere the most robust tractor.

Model 8850

The model 8850 was the most dominant tractor in its prime. The tractor was from the 8050 series and was new from 1982-1988. It had big tires, four-wheel drive, and 370 engine horsepower with a PTO of 303.99 horsepower. John Deere reached the top of the charts several times when they put forth a new model. They were king when this model came out.

It was the largest and most powerful tractor in the early to mid-80s, and no other company could touch them in size and strength. Listed below are a few highlights and specs:

  • Four-wheel drive tractor
  • Engine size is diesel, 15.7 liters 8-cyl
  • Electro-hydraulic differential lock front and rear
  • Power wet disc brakes
  • 16-speed transmission, partial power shift
  • Air conditioning in the cab
  • Holds 240 gallons of fuel
  • Wheelbase 133 inches
  • Front and rear tires- 20.8-38
  • Model 9RX 640

This latest track model takes the John Deere line-up to the extreme. The 9RX 640 is the most robust track tractor that came out in 2022 and still has updates added to the 2023 version. The JD14 engine replaces the all-famous Cummins engine with more power and better fuel efficiency. It has a total base weight of 56,981 pounds with 691 horsepower, like the original diesel engine.

The new additions to the 2023 version of the 9RX 640 mean 14 percent more horsepower, with 11 percent added torque. The latest version of the tractor is lighter by ten percent and uses three percent less fuel consumption. It also has a 13 percent reduction in repair time and thousands of dollars less in service charges. This news adds lifespan to the engine.

John Deere also added the following to make the tractor even stronger and more efficient:

  • They adjusted the hydraulic valve lash to lessen noise, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce wear and tear.
  • Added a more potent engine brake for added control and safer speeds when going downhill. This saves on the drivetrain brake parts.
  • Added a hydraulic fan drive with no maintenance needed and added improved cooling.
  • Combined sensors for fewer repairs;
  • Added a better wiring harness system for more accessible diagnostics, less vibration, and more reliability;
  • It has a rear gear train which reduces noise and adds to the lifespan of the crankshaft damper.

Model 4455

There are different perspectives on the best John Deere tractor created, but many find this at the top of the list. Two to one, this model has outsold all 55-Series and had its most famous stand from 1988 to 1992. These models had an MFWD drivetrain with 155 horsepower. Farmers from the 90s still seek out this model tractor in the used sections because it is the strongest and most reliable in its class.

This tractor is the last of the dinosaurs in the SoundGard era and is still the workhorse and now a collectible among many models. It is a smaller framed tractor and two-wheel drive but handles larger tillage better than the predecessors in most cases. It is the ultimate upgrade from the 4440 tractors. To this day, John Deere continues to model the old features of the 4455. They are among the most beautiful and powerful farm tractors. Many farmers who own this model find it hard to let go, and many refuse to sell.

John Deere’s Dominance Over the Decades

Many changes took place over the decades, with John Deere tractors working toward improvements and keeping up with the competition. When mentioning tractors, John Deere is usually the first brand that appears to mind, and the answers to that are simple, which are as follows.

  • Reliability
  • Horsepower
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • The look
  • The size
  • Overall, the most trusted

Yes, there may be a few years other brands took the lead, but by the end of each decade, John Deere has reigned supreme and always made a comeback to the top when they fell short (which didn’t happen often). From cotton picking to plowing fields, John Deere found ways to innovate with the times and always had efficiency with added horsepower as their goal.

We are now in the 5M series of John Deere tractors. The 80s and early 90s were the most significant years for the company. It is hard to forget all the brand-named company did for farmers and homeowner versions. Now that we are in the second decade of the 2000s, they remain a global leader with all the power to back them up.

John Deere After Market Parts

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