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Technology is becoming more innovative every day, and with it comes the latest and upcoming technology in the cotton-picking industry. For the modern-day cotton picker, we will discuss the newest technologies changing the cotton-picking sector, making the industry more efficient. You will learn about the most recent products already on the market for sale and those still in studies at the most prominent universities.

The Latest Innovations in Spraying

Spraying herbicides to kill unwanted weeds is critical to keeping the cotton healthy when it is time for harvesting. John Deere took the 12-row sprayer and innovated it to make it more efficient for cotton farmers’ requests. They made it into a self-propelled device that can detect the weeds from the plants. With cameras and upgraded technology, they designed the See and Spray Ultimate.

The See and Spray Ultimate saves on the wasteful use of herbicides, which brings relief to the overhead spending from farmers. It allows them to use the spray more efficiently to keep the machines rolling without stopping and refilling in the middle of the field.

The cameras detect the different colors between the weeds and the plants. When the system detects the weeds according to color, it releases the spray to eliminate the weeded areas, keeping the cotton plants safe. This process saves money, time, and product inventory.

The New Cotton Picker and Stripper

On a ten-hour day, the farmers see about 100 acres more ground covered with the 12-row cotton stripper than the previous eight-row. This upgrade adds up to 48 percent per day productivity.
The cotton-picking machines are a step ahead of what will be required in the future from cotton farmers to have the cotton tagged and labeled. This product added to the cotton picker and stripper is the John Deere Harvest Identification Cotton Pro. It is already making things more accessible by providing data on the quality of the cotton harvest from the field to the mill.

Cotton farmers are paid according to quality, not weight or amount. There is a process where the tag is embedded into the module wrap that goes around the cotton. The John Deere Harvest Identification Cotton Pro uses a frequency identification reader to gather information from the tags.

Each tag has a serial number in which data is stored, delivering the following information:

  • Farm
  • Client
  • Field
  • Machine Identifier
  • Variety
  • GPS position of the wrapped location
  • Date
  • Time

Currently, it is utilized for proficiency in labeling, organizing, and allowing the farmer to get the most out of their sale. This process is only done through cotton farming, but the future could tell differently. This tactic would give the cotton industry the upper hand since they already have an implemented system.

Those who oversee the agriculture industry could force farmers to produce all of this data information to track all farming habits from start to finish, offering a more valuable record of harvesting.

How Upgraded Cameras are Helping During Harvesting

Like in a car, a cotton picker has blind spots, which can cause issues in certain areas of the machine that could be avoided. This delivers an all-around computerized vision to the cotton harvesters while in motion. The cameras allow the operator to maneuver the machine throughout the field easily.

If a part is not working correctly, the driver can immediately spot it to shut the machine down and repair it. It is also meant to help the operator ensure that all the cotton is picked and stripped without any problems. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, it works in favor of spotting weeds and spraying them accordingly.

These cameras are equipped to handle the fields for up to 12 miles per hour, allowing the operator to monitor everything on the go.

More Comfort and Technology Inside the Cab

Even the cab sees its share of innovation as it is built quieter and has more comfortable features. It has a larger space with computers and mirrors to offer better vision, and with the windows strategically placed, it lets in more light. Operators who drive them claim it is much better than its previous models, where vision is restricted in some areas of the machine.

The cab is sealed better, which lets in fewer sound effects from the powerful motors and mechanisms working, which can deafen a person over time. All of these features together assist the driver to stay on task without as many breaks, making the labor efforts more efficient.

Upcoming Technologies for More Efficiency

Everything in today’s world is turning toward AI technology and robotics. It continues to innovate agriculture positively and offers more efficient labor and better days in productivity. These are some of the upcoming products that are still undergoing studies and experimentation at certain universities:

  • Robotic cotton harvesters: These are designed for farmers with smaller acres and rotate their crops. Mississippi State University and scientists continue to perfect the robotic cotton harvesters to pick the cotton without taking all the debris. It is expected to be a reality once all the issues are resolved.
  • Drones: Drones will be used to spray the fields. Research is underway at Texas A&M University to bring the accuracy level from 60 percent to 100. At this time, farmers are using drones to spot trash in the fields and to be the eyes of the farmers for miscellaneous reasons.
  • Laser Weed Removal: The University of Georgia is studying the use of lasers in place of herbicides. It is a machine placed on a rover operated by a computer. The lasers would be CO2 pushing out 40 watts of power. All that is left is to find a cooling system before this technology is released to farmers.

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