Case IH Parts and Merchandise

Keeping your equipment in top shape means maintenance. You want your investment to last as long as possible. Some families are able to pass their Case IH equipment down for generations. This doesn’t happen, though, unless you can properly maintain and repair your pickers when they need it. If you are searching for Case IH picker parts, you have probably already discovered that this can get tricky when you want genuine Case IH parts.

The Certi-Pik team can help. We employ a team of cotton picker specialists who can help you find just the part you are looking for at a price you can handle.

You may be wondering if purchasing aftermarket parts is even worth your time though. It is important to compare prices. There are a couple of different ways you can find parts for your equipment.

  • New parts directly from the manufacturer
  • Used parts from online markets or salvage yards
  • New aftermarket parts from Certi-Pik

You may want to take some time to compare how these different options will impact your bottom line. There are some pros and cons to each option.

When you buy new from an OEM dealer you will be paying premium pricing for a new part. In addition, that new part will come with whatever warranty the manufacturer offers.

When you buy used products from various marketplaces, you can save a lot of money, but you basically have no way of ensuring the quality of the part. You will also have very few options when it comes to returns or refunds.

The last, and often most effective option, is to buy from a certified aftermarket dealer like Certi-Pik, USA. They stock new Case IH products and parts that will work with your machines. 

Parts We Stock

Please note, Certi-Pik is not a full-service Case IH dealer. This means that we keep inventory on a specialized selection of Case IH parts and merchandise to sell as you require. If you need further assistance or service for your equipment, you may want to contact a Case IH dealer near you. Here is an idea from our catalog sections of some of the items we can provide.

  • Case IH miscellaneous parts
  • Case IH deep dish doors
  • Case IH picking unit cabinet
  • Case IH picking unit system
  • Case IH water system
  • Case IH air system
  • Case IH Belts

When To Order New Parts

If you have a goal of maintaining your equipment for years to come, then one important component will be inspection. Inspection is a maintenance step you take before something goes wrong. This is truly where you can extend the life of your equipment and investments. When you are inspecting equipment, you will want to look for signs of deterioration. Deterioration can start to happen long before you ever know there is a problem. When deterioration is showing beyond acceptable limits: that is the best time to start replacing parts. If you wait until functional problems show up, you’ve waited too long. Once a part has broken or has been excessively worn, it will then start to cause damage to other surrounding parts. This only makes maintenance and repairs more expensive and time-consuming.

Another sign that you might need to start replacing parts is if you notice there is a lot of cotton being left behind during a harvest.

Are Used Parts a Good Investment?

Buying used parts can save you a lot of money. But it is only smart to also consider the downside, as well. Whether you choose new or used parts will be dependent on a lot of factors. You should consider how often you use the machine. If you are using your machine year-round and it is part of your livelihood, you will need to consider carefully if you want to make the additional investment into new parts or save the money with used.

Are Aftermarket Parts Used?

Aftermarket parts are not used. In fact, they are brand new. The difference is that aftermarket parts are not produced by OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturing, facilities. These parts have been manufactured to work with Case IH equipment. These parts when sold by Cerit-Pik, USA are certified to be safe and durable. Aftermarket parts are a great alternative to expensive OEM dealer parts which can really start to cut into your budget. This is especially true if you are trying to maintain a large amount of equipment.


Aftermarket parts are also a much better investment than used parts. Cotton picking machinery undergoes a huge amount of wear and tear. A used part will have already gone through this wear and tear, and you really cannot be sure how long the part will last. There is also usually no warranty on used parts, which means if the part does not work you are just out of luck.

After market gives you the assurance of new parts without the high prices you’d find from a dealer.