JD CTX Extended Deep Dish Doors

If you’ve had trouble finding the components you need for your picking unit cabinets, save yourself the trouble of searching any further, and give us a call at Certi-Pik USA. We always have a The John Deere CTX Extended Deep Dish Doors are capable of harvesting more cotton and putting it in the basket, because of the longer and deeper picking zone, as well as the rigidity of the door. The CTX scrapping plates were designed specifically for these series of doors. These plates have the ability to push cotton a greater distance up the spindle due to the overall depth of the fins on the scrapping plates which allows for a greater amount of cotton to be captured, increasing your overall efficiency.

Ordering Extended Deep Dish Doors

Also available to customers who call in to have doors replaced on their John Deere Harvesters, various components are used with the doors including the OEM extensions: steel and plastic, clamps, pins, pin kits: which include the pin, spring and snap ring, hardware, and Certi-Pik’s CTX scrapping plates. The scrapping plates are sold with attaching hardware. To be sure you’re ordering the right parts for replacement, you should reference the part number itself to the service representative, so no errors are made, and so no valuable time is lost if the parts are ordered incorrectly which would require the correct parts to be shipped later.

When ordering the scrapping plates, there are two options that you will want to be aware of, the Top 2 Spindle CTX Scrapping Plate which is used on the top of the 20 spindle door, and the 5 Spindle CTX Scrapping Plate which has 3 used per door. Their part numbers respectively are 669970 and 669971. We also have available an all-steel door with welded in fins, which replaces the need to buy the aluminum scrapping plates. If you are concerned about the weight of your picking unit: the 20 spindle door with aluminum scrapping plates and the 20 spindle door with welded steel fins weigh approximately 38 pounds each.

Whether you are working on the front or rear of your picking unit, we have you covered. Again, when ordering any of these individual components, make sure to have either the Certi-Pik part number handy, or the OEM part number, so we can be sure of sending you exactly what you need the first time.

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Machinery using the Extended Deep Dish Doors

For John Deere equipment, our CTX doors fit onto the models 9960, 9965, 9970, 9976 9986, 9996, 7760, and CP690. Non-stop harvesting is now the norm in the cotton-picking industry, the progression in technology of these machines has helped to make non-stop harvesting the standard.

The CP690 cotton picker is actually the successor to the original revolutionary non-stop harvester manufactured by John Deere, which was the 7760 model. The CP690 represents a 5% improvement in harvest speed over the 7760, and there’s also a brand-new command center which has a touchscreen display that makes operations a breeze.

You also get tremendous traction control with the new anti-slip regulation provided, and when it’s operating at peak performance, the CP690 can give you 590 hp, to make harvesting as fast and as efficient as it can be. Comparably if you’re into cotton strippers, the CS690 is capable of 530 horsepower, and it has 10% improved air system capacity compared to the cotton stripper which preceded it.

Using any of these machines will definitely make for less time in the field, and give you more time that you can focus on other issues around your operation. You will undoubtedly save money on labor and fuel, and that can improve your bottom line, so whichever of these that you choose to work with, they will definitely improve your cotton harvesting operation.