Why Choose Certi-Pik, USA for Your Cotton Harvester Parts?

Owning and operating a cotton harvester means keeping that marvelous piece of engineering in top working order year after year—however as most cotton farmers know all too well, nature, the elements and time are all working against you. A well-kept cotton harvester can function for decades without losing efficiency, but year after year, something is going to need replacement.

A cotton harvester is only as good as the sum of its parts, which means quality parts equals quality operation. And, if you’re looking to make a smart investment in your cotton harvester, it’s a good idea to make sure your parts are coming from Certi-Pik, USA!

Why choose Certi-Pik, USA for cotton harvester parts? Take a look at the many reasons we’ve been a leading supplier of parts since 1988:

  • Worldwide brand: Our parts may be made in the USA with pride, but they’re known all around the world. As a worldwide shipper of cotton harvester parts, you’ll find the Certi-Pik brand throughout the global market, including countries where agriculture is a staple of the economy, including Greece, South Africa, Spain, Russia, South America, Australia and Israel! Being a worldwide brand means you don’t have to worry about our stability—we’ve been here for years and will continue to provide quality into the future.
  • Brand partnerships: As in any industry, the cotton harvesting industry is one that’s paved with quality brand names—names that we’ve aligned ourselves with to further our own quality reputation. When you come to Certi-Pik, USA for cotton harvester parts, you’ll find offerings made to fit John Deere, Case IH, and CNH cotton harvesters, among others. In buying through us, you’ll be guaranteed the quality that comes with renowned brand names.
  • Accreditations: because we take our role in the industry seriously, Certi-Pik, USA strives to maintain professional accreditations that lend credence to our brand. We’re a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and member of the Federation of Independent Business, for starters! Our industry credentials encompass a number of other quality systems, making us a sound choice to earn your business.
  • Quality control: Our customers deserve the best and we rise to that standard by providing nothing short of it. Thanks to an in-depth quality assurance procedure, you can be sure that every part that ships from our facilities has undergone tremendous scrutiny, so that it holds up to the long life of service ahead of it.

If you’re seeking to remain diligent in the maintenance and upkeep of your cotton harvester, know that Certi-Pik, USA has your back! Thanks to all of the above attributes and more, we’ve built a business that we’re proud of and one that our customers have come to trust for decades.

Don’t let Mother Nature, Father Time or tremendous wear and tear batter your cotton harvester into submission—instead, make sure that it’s strong enough to stand up to your needs year after year. Trust Certi-Pik, USA to provide you with quality parts that will amount to a quality machine, through and through.