Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Cotton Picker Spindle Effective

You rely on your cotton harvester to bring you the greatest yield possible at the end of the season. The amount of cotton that you are able to pick from your field will determine how much product you will have to sell and can impact whether you will have the ability to invest in a bigger crop next season.

So much is dependent on the proper functioning and the efficiency of your cotton picker, which is why everything you do to care for and maintain your machine is critical. Even during the months when you aren’t using your cotton picker, it is imperative that you take time to properly maintain your cotton picker spindle so that it is in good shape the next time you need it. By following a few simple maintenance tips during and after the harvest season, you can keep your machine operating properly to maximize your yield and your harvester’s efficiency.

Maintaining your cotton picker parts

One important aspect of cotton picker maintenance is setting the height and tilt of your row units. You should set your row height and tilt precisely to ensure that it is not uneven or unbalanced. This will help facilitate maximum efficiency during picking operation. Improper tilting or rows that are off balance can create complications and compromise your machine’s yield.

It is important to keep up on maintenance of the spindles and spindle bushings of your machine so that they are ready for harvest. Keep your spindle and spindle bushings sharp so that they are as effective as possible. Through heavy use and normal wear and tear, your spindle can become dull. In general, the bottom half of the spindle wears down more rapidly than the top half, but you should inspect the entire spindle regularly to check on how it is wearing and whether it is sharp enough. In some cases, rust can accumulate on your spindle, so that should also be checked for. During your inspection, remove and replace spindles that are dead or aren’t rotating, as these can slow your entire system down.

The offseason is the best time to take care of any repairs and replacements of your system; you don’t want to wait until you need your harvester to have it fixed. If you notice any parts that are broken, deteriorating or need replacement for any reason, you should get them replaced right away. Find replacement parts that are of high quality from a manufacturer with a reputation for making reliable parts. This will help ensure that your picker remains in good shape for years to come.

Keep your cotton picker parts up to date

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