Reduce Harvest Losses by Investing in New Cotton Picker Parts

When it comes time to harvest your crop, you want to ensure that all of your hard work during the growing season will pay off with a high yield. Even if you grow a high volume of cotton, some of your crop can be lost due to various reasons. While you might lose portions of your crop after you harvest, it is also common that you will lose some during the harvesting process itself, or that your machine won’t harvest as much as it could.

Thankfully, these issues can be mitigated by ensuring that your machine is in proper working order and that you have effective cotton picker parts. In some cases, it can be well worth the investment to get new parts that will work better and reduce harvesting losses. You can increase your yield and maximize your efficiency during the harvest by following steps that will minimize harvest loss.

Keeping your machinery in good condition

One way that you can reduce harvest loss is by properly adjusting and calibrating each part of your cotton harvester. You should make sure that your harvester is adjusted so that it will fully harvest each row with the highest efficiency. Make sure that your spindle rows are even and level. Tilts in your rows can cause a whole host of problems, including uneven machine wear, machine break down and reduced harvest yields. You must also make sure that your machine is operating at the correct speed and rotation pace for the crop that you are harvesting. It is also important to check and make sure that your spindle and spindle bushings are kept sharp so that they can effectively pick the crop.

In some cases, you might notice that your spindle is wearing down, rusting or deteriorating in some way. When you observe these types of issues, you are best served by finding replacement cotton picker parts. Even if you maintain your machine well, over time you will notice that there are more non-rotating spindles and that your cotton picker isn’t as effective at harvesting your crop as it once was. New parts can make a huge difference in crop yield. While it might cost you some money up front, it can make you money in the long run by increasing the volume that you are able to harvest from your fields.

Minimizing harvest losses can make a big difference in your bottom line, and investing in new cotton picker parts can greatly reduce the amount of harvest that you would be losing or missing out on otherwise.

Replacement cotton picker parts

At Certi-Pik, USA, we understand how important it is for farmers to be able to minimize their harvest losses, which is why we are committed to manufacturing replacement parts for cotton harvesters that are high quality and dependable. We fabricate replacement parts for all sorts of machinery, and we can help create the parts that fit your equipment perfectly. Whether you just need a couple replacement parts or you are trying to rebuild your equipment altogether, we can help you. To get started with quality replacement cotton picker parts, contact us today!