When Should I Replace Cotton Picker Spindles?

The process of harvesting and processing cotton is a heavily automated procedure that requires a substantial amount of technical expertise and specialized equipment. Any cotton farmer knows the importance of keeping their gear up to date and in good repair. While many aspects of your cotton processing gear are maintained on an annual basis, cotton picker spindles are typically only serviced and replaced when needed. Knowing when to replace your cotton picker spindles and handling their replacement in a timely and efficient manner is an essential part of keeping your production and quality levels at a high standard.

You may be wondering, however, how you can tell when the spindles on your cotton picker should be replaced. Because they are not pieces of equipment in need of regular maintenance or annual replacement, you will have to rely on your own observations to determine when to replace your cotton picker spindles.

Here are just a few ways that you can identify cotton picker spindles that are in need of replacement:

  • Rusted spindles: Because cotton picker spindles are often exposed to the elements for long periods of time, they are susceptible to rust and other types of elemental damage. If your cotton picker spindles are beginning to rust, they should be replaced immediately so as to avoid affecting the quality of your produced cotton.
  • Snapped spindles: Because of the extensive amounts of work that cotton pickers perform, spindles are liable to snap off at any point, leaving just a shard of metal where the barb should be. If your spindles have snapped off at any place, you should begin replacing them sooner rather than later so as to avoid damaging your crop further.
  • Missing spindles: Some spindles may simply fall off or snap off at their base, meaning that there is a vacancy where your cotton picker spindles should be! If this is the case on your machinery, you should start the process of looking for replacement spindles as soon as possible. You should inspect your machine before replacing any missing spindles.
  • Dull spindles: If a cotton picker spindle has managed to stay intact throughout years of heavy usage, chances are, it’s become exceedingly dull. This can be a difficult problem to diagnose, but can ultimately be identified with a close visual inspection. Dull spindles can tear the cotton and reduce your operation’s overall productivity.

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