Cotton Strippers vs. Cotton Picker Spindles

Cotton production is an economic driver that benefits people across the globe. The commodity is harvested using a highly technical, automated process that requires a vast amount of technological know-how on behalf of the farmer. Before being brought to market, cotton must be turned from bolls, which are light, fluffy balls filled with seeds, into clean and sellable raw fibers. Two main harvesting methods exist for the processing of cotton bolls, both of which have a number of benefits and drawbacks.

Cotton strippers and cotton pickers are the two main types of harvesting equipment used in cotton production. Working with a qualified purveyor of cotton harvester parts is the best way to ensure that you are using a harvesting method that works for you and your land.

Cotton picker spindles

Cotton pickers use finger-like spindles to remove cotton from the bolls directly on the plant. This type of harvester is minimally invasive, and does very little damage to the plants themselves while in use. Typically, you will see cotton pickers running through fields multiple times throughout the growing season, because they do not do any damage to the plant while they are harvesting the ripe cotton from the bolls.

Cotton pickers are particularly useful in areas where repeat harvests are possible, because they allows farmers to maximize the investment they have placed in their fields.

Cotton pickers pass over unopened bolls, and leave the undesirable components of the boll behind on the plant. In most instances, cotton pickers are the more sensible option; however, it is recommended that you talk to a cotton harvester parts dealer prior to making any type of investment in cotton picking gear.

Cotton strippers

As the name suggests, cotton strippers literally strip all of the cotton directly off the stalks of the cotton plants. This is a much more invasive procedure than that which is employed by the cotton picker spindles; however, it can be useful in some instances.

Cotton strippers deposit the stalks, in addition to the unripe and green bolls, to the underside of the machine during the harvesting process. Once the ripe bolls are sorted, they will have to go through another machine after harvesting to be cleaned and have their seeds removed. Cotton strippers are generally only used in areas where repeat harvests are impossible; however, you should consult with a seller of cotton harvester parts before deciding which type of machine is right for you.

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