Fire Prevention Tips for Cotton Harvester Parts

One of the most catastrophic events that can occur on your cotton farm is a sudden fire. Because it is a very dry and flammable material, cotton is extremely sensitive to heat and ignites easily, which can lead to complete destruction of cotton fields, farm property and expensive cotton picking machinery in the event of a fire.

Fires involving cotton harvester parts are an unfortunate reality for farmers around the world, but are also easily avoided. To prevent fires from destroying your next cotton harvest and endangering the lives of you and your employees, exercise caution and use these tips to keep your cotton farm safe.

Implement thorough fire prevention methods

The easiest way to avoid large-scale cotton picker fires is to implement routine methods for fire prevention. The first thing you should do is clean all cotton harvester parts thoroughly on a routine schedule. Debris is known to build up on parts such as spindles. The lint, seed and oil from cotton crops can act as fuel if friction causes a spark on your machine. Cleaning your parts will not only help prevent fires, but can extend the longevity of your equipment.

Additionally, inspect the bearings on your machines every day to identify signs of overheating or looseness, as these can ignite fires. If you do identify a problematic part, replace it immediately.

Finally, keep the baskets of your cotton harvester clear. Some cotton farmers are hesitant to clear baskets due to the loss of some crop; however, uncleared baskets provide additional fuel for fires and can also obstruct the view of hydraulic hoses and fuel lines, making you unable to detect a fire early on in the event that one occurs.

Be prepared for the worst during harvest

After a routine cleaning and inspection of your cotton harvester parts is complete, you should still continue to exercise caution while harvesting your crop. Be careful to avoid rocks or other debris on the ground that might become lodged in picking units and cause sparks when driven over.

Although you hopefully will not need them, always equip your harvester with fire extinguishers to put out a fire while it is still manageable. Additionally, make sure you have a radio or cell phone available on the machine to communicate with others in the event of a blaze.

While harvesting, always remain aware of any signs of fire. The smell of burning cotton is very distinct and is often an initial giveaway to the appearance of a fire. To prepare, burn a small amount of cotton to become familiar with the scent so you can recognize it later if need be.

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