Always Buy BBB-Accredited Cotton Picker Parts

Because cotton is your livelihood, you need to know that your cotton harvester equipment will work when you need it to. But who do you call when you need replacement parts? A reliable source, naturally! Here are some reasons why you should always buy your replacement cotton picker parts from a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited manufacturer.

A better guarantee

After doing your research you’ll learn that there are many places that sell cotton harvester and picker parts. However, not all sellers are selling quality parts. Low-quality parts may be fast to fail, and may even cause damage to other machine parts. In cases where a new replacement part breaks well before it should, it would be fantastic to be able to get a refund or replacement, but you may not get these options if you did not buy from a reputable source to begin with.

With a disreputable manufacturer, you will have to search for the right contact information, report them to the BBB and wait weeks, even months, for a replacement part to arrive or get your money back—if at all. Don’t risk your business and your cotton crop! Buy your cotton picker parts from a reputable source from the start.

Know you are getting quality

A huge reason why you want to do business with a BBB accredited cotton harvester parts manufacturer is because you will know you are buying good quality products. Here’s how the BBB rates businesses: First, they take every customer comment into account, the good, the bad and the ugly. They weigh all the issues a manufacturer has had with customers in the past. If a company is reputable, the BBB will give them a good rating so future customers know they are likely to get quality services or products.

Why is it important that you check the BBB’s website? While you could read comments on online forums or social media, keep in mind that professionals probably have not assessed these kinds of customer ratings. No matter what, do plenty of research before moving forward on an expensive purchase.


Buying off-brand or significantly lower priced picker parts can be tempting, especially considering how quickly maintenance and repair costs can pile up. If there is a noticeable price difference from one manufacturer to another, find out why. In this industry, cheaper parts often mean lower quality, though not always. You need to consider that these parts are for a pretty specific piece of machinery, meaning you want quality parts, which require time, skill and elbow grease to make—and that means they will be more expensive. It should make you wonder how a manufacturer can offer the same part for so much less!

Get the right parts

A lot of times, off-brand parts don’t fit or function correctly. They could even lead to costly problems down the road. This is why it’s important that you buy the brands that match your cotton harvester or a brand recommended by your mechanic.

Reach out to Certi-Pik, USA today for a selection of quality cotton picker parts made by the industry’s leading manufacturers!