How Wet Weather Affects Cotton Harvesting

Cotton is one of the most important crops in the world, and it’s essential that farmers are able to harvest this crop efficiently and effectively. Unfortunately, cotton harvesting in extreme weather conditions like heavy rain is much easier said than done. Rainfall can have a major impact on cotton harvesting and make it difficult for cotton farmers to take advantage of their full crop yield. Read on to find out more about the specific ways on why you can’t harvest in the rain and how it affects the harvesting process.

Rainy Conditions and Cotton Harvesting

In recent years, weather patterns have been shifting around the globe, and there has been an increase in precipitation in key cotton-growing states like Texas. Rain soaks cotton and makes it difficult to harvest properly. As rains get heavier and more frequent, this problem is arising for a lot of cotton farmers in Texas and across the country. In addition to the heavy rains that are soaking cotton plants, there are also fewer sunny days, which means that it takes longer for the cotton to dry out. Even when it does, the wet cotton that’s harvested after these heavy rains tends to have a lower color grade, which causes the crop to lose a lot of its value.

Many farmers struggle to find the right time to harvest cotton during rainy spells. If they harvest too soon, they risk the issues associated with wet cotton picking. If they wait too long, the crops may no longer be viable. With all of the difficulties associated with cotton growth and harvesting in wet weather conditions, cotton production has gone down. What’s more, the lower color grade of some of the cotton that’s produced during these rainier years leads to lower cotton prices, which can seriously disadvantage cotton farmers who rely on loans to finance their cotton production.

On top of the wet weather that a lot of cotton farmers are experiencing in the summer and fall, many farmers are dealing with drought conditions in the earlier parts of the year, which has also taken a toll on overall cotton production. Still, despite all of these issues, there is a lot of hope among farmers that the heavy precipitation will improve soil quality and, as a result, boost their cotton yield in the coming growing and harvesting seasons. The key to success for farmers who are growing and harvesting cotton in adverse weather conditions is to adopt effective techniques and use the right equipment.

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