Rebuilding Your Harvester with John Deere Cotton Harvester Parts

Do you need to rebuild your harvester? If you want reliability and efficiency, John Deere cotton harvester parts are the way to go. Not sure what they have to offer? As an industry leader, John Deere is a trusted brand that can provide the solutions you need to rebuild your harvester.

If you’re considering options for your next rebuild, keep this top resource in mind. You’ll find everything you need to create a reliable harvester. John Deere cotton harvester parts include:

  • Spindles and bushings: These two parts are crucial to the cotton-picking process. They work together to grab the cotton, separate it from the plant and put it into the harvester. The spindles stick out from the bushings as the bushings rotate to gather the cotton. Rebuilt spindles and bushings are typically stripped, straightened, inspected and reinstalled to provide a like-new product for harvesters.
  • Row units: The row units are the claw-like structures at the front of the cotton harvester. They collect cotton plants and push them through the rest of the harvester’s parts, where the cotton is separated.
  • Picker ribs: Within the row units are picker ribs. These are used for clearing leaves and other debris from the spindles. They separate the spindles as they spin during the harvest.
  • Plant lifters: Located at the bottom of the row units, plant lifters funnel cotton plants into the row units. Situated just one inch off the ground, these John Deere cotton harvester parts are designed to grab the cotton plant and feed it into the harvester.
  • Doffers: These parts spin at a rate three times faster than the spindles. As they rotate, they remove the cotton from the spindles. As the spindles are emptied, they are able to move on to collect more cotton. Before modern machines were invented, this term was used to describe the person who removed the full spindles from a spinning frame and replaced them with fresh ones.

Quality Parts

As you look for John Deere cotton harvester parts for your rebuild, be sure to partner with a trusted source. Look for a company that has a track record of success and extensive experience in the industry. Parts must be carefully processed to ensure they deliver quality solutions for your machinery. Before you partner with a part provider, ask about their process of preparing John Deere cotton harvester parts for rebuilding.

Quality Service

A company worthy of your business offers superior service. Look for a company that is knowledgeable about John Deere cotton harvester parts and is willing to share that knowledge with you. They should be willing to answer questions and educate you about the parts so you can make informed decisions about rebuilding harvesters.

Find It All Here

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