Use John Deere Parts This Harvester Season

The proper function of your cotton picker is crucial for the successful harvest of your cotton crop. In order to ensure that your machinery is working the way it should, you need to complete regular maintenance and inspect your machinery for signs of damage or wear. In some cases, you may even need to rebuild your harvester with John Deere cotton picker parts. Find out more about some of the major components of your harvester that you should check before the harvesting season begins:

  • Tilt: In order for cotton pickers to effectively harvest a crop and separate cotton fiber from other plant matter, the rows of spindles are set at an angle so that the spindles are as low to the soil as possible, typically about one inch above the ground. With this tilt, spindles are kept at a slightly vertical angle for more effective harvesting. Make sure to check the tilt of your spindle rows before harvesting to ensure that it is calibrated for the best harvest possible.
  • Spindle bushings: Your spindles are an essential component of your harvester, and it’s important that you inspect them regularly. For the best yield, make sure that spindles are kept sharp at the front of the barb—this allows them to effectively separate cotton fibers from plant matter. If your cotton picker has been in storage for several months, you may notice rust developing on spindles and bushings. If you observe rust, it’s a good idea to replace damaged components with quality John Deere cotton picker parts.
  • Picker ribs: Picker ribs are supposed to work in tandem with your cotton picker spindle to remove sticks, burs and other debris from cotton fiber. When the spindles and ribs are both in good condition, they create an effect that’s similar to a cotton gin through centrifugal cleaning. Look for missing, damaged or loose ribs that may take a toll on the effectiveness of your cotton picker. You should also look for any other signs of damage or wear that might warrant replacement of some or all of your ribs.
  • Doffers: A doffer uses unwinding and stripping motions to pull cotton seed matter from the spindles. These doffers need to be positioned very close to the spindles in order to work effectively. Over time, you might notice that your doffers become less effective. If this happens, you should first check to ensure that they are properly positioned. Then, take a look at the components themselves to determine whether they are worn or damaged. You can work with a provider of John Deere cotton picker parts if you need to replace your old doffers.

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