John Deere Cotton Picker 9996 FAQ’s

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John Deere Cotton Picker 9996 Frequently Asked Questions

The John Deere Cotton Picker 9996 is a popular, efficient agricultural machine. The 9996 is a durable, powerful machine with a thoughtfully designed build that places the engine in a position to provide more traction to the wheels and more horsepower to move those wheels up hills.

How Much HP does the Engine Have?

The 8.1-liter engine creates 350 horsepower. Its engine is a PowerTech diesel and comes equipped with an electric governor designed to provide consistent power in conditions such as rain and traversing hilly sections. The 350-horsepower provided makes this machine incredibly powerful and able to keep moving forward. There is also an optional powered rear axle available to help in areas that require more power to get over hills and extremely muddy terrain.

How is the Dual Hydrostatic Drive Set Up?

The 9996 comes equipped with a dual hydrostatic drive. It has an inner pump to drive the transmission and an external pump for the row units. The hydraulic reservoir is located in the pump housing and feeds the entire system.

What is the Capacity of the Basket?

With 1,400 cubic feet capacity, the PRO-LIFT basket has a low center of gravity to give a solid, stable base. The John Deere 9996 comes complete with a monitoring system to manage loads and a fan that improves the conveying and distribution efficiency within the basket.

What is the Row-Trak™ Controller?

The John Deere 9996 offers the Row-Trak controller system. It monitors the rows and keeps the machine running in a straight line. With this feature, the operator can maximize the harvest speed, and the 9996 will adjust steering as needed. With the Row-Trak engaged, it’s good to know the cab is comfortable. It features a standard heater and air conditioner and an optional air suspension seat, and a pre-wired radio setup.

What Size are the Picking Rows?

The Pro-Series row units offer multiple front bar options. The Pro-12 has a 12-bar front and a 12-bar rear. The Pro-16 has a 16-bar front and a 12-bar rear. The Pro-16 enhances the efficiency of picking taller, high-yield cotton plants. The Pro-12 VRS gives the operator the option of choosing between 15 to 40-inch rows. Fields with narrow rows and those with conventional row fields will benefit from the range offered.

How Large is the Fuel Tank?

Having to stop for fuel while in the middle of the field is a time-consuming setback that can slow down a productive day. The John Deere 9996 has a tank that can hold up to 200 gallons. That should be enough to keep the operator in the field longer, without having to stop for refills as often. Time spent harvesting instead of refueling is time well spent.

How Large is the Water Tank?

A 345-gallon tank will hold enough water to keep the harvest going without having to refill as often, leading to more efficient harvests.

What Tires are Available?

Dual drive tires are equipped to provide improved floatation and reduce ground compacting effects. There are cleat tires available to order as well.

High-Quality Aftermarket Parts

The John Deere CP9996 is an extremely versatile and durable picking machine, but you will eventually need to replace certain components in order to maintain the unit’s performance and reliability. Whenever you require John Deere replacement parts, contact us at Certi-Pik, USA to place an order for our aftermarket parts, or to speak with a member of staff to identify the part your cotton picker needs.