What is Pima Cotton

What Is Pima Cotton & Where Is It Grown

What is Pima Cotton, and Where Is It Grown? There are various types of cotton species and fabrics, each with its own attributes. Among these types, the Sea Island, Egyptian, Upland, and Pima are known to have superior characteristics. To choose the best fabric for you, you will need to know the differences between the […]

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John Deere vs Case IH – Which Cotton Picker is Best?

John Deere Vs Case Ih, Which Cotton Picker Is Best

Many people in the cotton-harvesting industry have definite preferences when it comes to which manufacturer makes the best harvester, and both John Deere and Case IH have legions of devoted followers. There’s no doubt that both machines have some tremendous benefits, and both offer great service to anyone purchasing either type of equipment. As to […]

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When was the Cotton Gin Invented

When Was The Cotton Gin Invented

The cotton gin is a machine that was designed to streamline the separation of fibers from their seeds. It enabled higher productivity levels than the manual separation that had been used up until that time. The effects of this invention extended far beyond the field and into the entire world, with surprising ramifications that still […]

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How do Cotton Harvesting Machines Work?

Cotton Machine

One of the most amazing things about cotton harvesting is how much it has changed in the past century. Since cotton harvesting is no longer done by hand (something that was the case until the turn of the 20th century), specialized cotton harvesting machines are used to separate the cotton fibers from the mature bolls. […]

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How Do You Know When to Harvest Cotton?

Cotton Harvest

Assuming that your cotton plants were introduced to the soil in mid-March or April, as they are south of the 36th parallel, most of those plants should be ready for harvesting by the end of July. Of course, this assumes that the weather has been relatively stable all summer and that the plants were not […]

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