Case IH Module Express FAQs

Case Ih Module Express Faqs

The Case IH Module Express is a high-performance cotton picker designed to help you streamline the harvest process while reducing equipment and labor investment. This machine picks cotton at great efficiency and builds beginner-friendly modules at the same time, effectively ensuring you spend less time in the fields. Despite the impressive features that the harvesting […]

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Where Does Cotton Come From?

Where Does Cotton Come From

Over the years, cotton has been grown for food, fiber, and fuel. Today, this versatile fiber can be found in clothes, towels, sheets, and is also used in medical procedures. While cotton has become a part of our daily lives, not many people know where it comes from. Here is part of the information you […]

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John Deere CP690 FAQ’s

John Deere Cp690 Faq's

For cotton producers, the harvesting season can be a particularly busy and stressful time of the year. However, this period does not have to be horrible because you can use cotton collector machines to make operations more efficient and realize labor and equipment savings. The John Deere CP690 picker features Precision Cotton Harvesting Technology that […]

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What is Pima Cotton

What Is Pima Cotton & Where Is It Grown

What is Pima Cotton, and Where Is It Grown? There are various types of cotton species and fabrics, each with its own attributes. Among these types, the Sea Island, Egyptian, Upland, and Pima are known to have superior characteristics. To choose the best fabric for you, you will need to know the differences between the […]

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John Deere vs Case IH – Which Cotton Picker is Best?

John Deere Vs Case Ih, Which Cotton Picker Is Best

Many people in the cotton-harvesting industry have definite preferences when it comes to which manufacturer makes the best harvester, and both John Deere and Case IH have legions of devoted followers. There’s no doubt that both machines have some tremendous benefits, and both offer great service to anyone purchasing either type of equipment. As to […]

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