Case IH Module Express Replacement Parts

Finding quality replacement components for your cotton picker can be tough. When some of the components give in to wear and tear, you will want spare parts that will last for a long time and promote the proper functioning of your machine. As such, it would be important to work with a licensed dealership. Whether you are looking to buy the original manufacturer’s replacement or aftermarket components, you will have to make sure that they are the ideal fit for your cotton picker model.

Aftermarket Case IH Replacement Parts

At Certi-Pik, USA, we stock a wide selection of quality aftermarket pieces to fit different cotton picker models from Case Company. All the components we sell are reliable and will help you get back to your harvesting operation in no time. Once you order from us, we will work hard to deliver what you need promptly to reduce downtime and revenue loss. With the wide range of prices in which replacement components are available, we aim to ensure that you access Case IH aftermarket pieces without spending too much.

Case IH Module Express Cotton Picker Aftermarket Parts

The Case IH Module Express is a powerful cotton harvester made to deliver maximum efficiency even in tough conditions. While we carry different components for many models of their cotton pickers, we also have components that are specifically made for the Module Express. Picking the right parts for your picker will not only keep the machine working optimally but also save you money in the long run. The replacement components we sell will ensure consistent performance and the durability of your equipment.

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Module Express Aftermarket Parts for Sale

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. We make it possible for you to order essential components of your equipment to ensure minimal interruptions to your activities. Below are some of the Module Express aftermarket pieces we have available:

Extended Deep Dish Doors

The extended deep dish doors ensure that more cotton finds its way into their baskets, increasing the volume of cotton that is processed in the harvester, effectively reducing the time you spend in the fields. When this component wears out or malfunctions, the efficiency of your harvesting equipment will be compromised. We stock these doors as well as the various components that make them up to help you keep your machine in perfect working condition.

Picking Unit Cabinet

The picking unit cabinet of your Module Express has a great impact on the efficiency of your operations and your profitability. When any of the components of the picking unit cabinet fails, you will need to have it replaced as soon as possible to resume your harvesting operation. Whether you are looking for aftermarket parts for a rebuild of a major assembly or to replace worn-out components, you can count on us for quality pieces.

Picking Unit Systems

Before the start of the harvesting season, you should have your picking unit system inspected to confirm that all the components are in perfect condition. Replacing any worn-out parts will go a long way in ensuring a smooth and successful harvest. We stock aftermarket components such as sleeves, spindles, bushings, dust caps, and universal bars. These components can be shipped to you on the same day that we receive your order.

Water System

If you are to grow your cotton operation and prosper, you should choose water system aftermarket components that offer the dependability and lasting value. We make it easy for you to order top-quality aftermarket components such as moistener arms and pads. These are designed to deliver outstanding performance over the long term.

Air System

Problems with your Case IH air system will reduce your productivity and potentially lead to a total failure of your machine. An issue with the fan will affect the operations of the spindle, which will lower your harvesting production. We stock a wide range of the pieces you need to maintain your air system assemblies properly. These include side panels, side frame supports, wrap arounds, and baffles, among others.


The smooth operation of your cotton-harvesting equipment depends on strong and durable belts. Considering the high stresses that the belts are exposed to during the harvesting season, they can suffer damage while in use. Our aftermarket belts last long and provide great service so that your operations do not grind to a halt.

Miscellaneous Parts

We strive to provide convenient, one-stop ordering for all your Case IH Module Express aftermarket needs. There are a number of miscellaneous components that are critical to how your cotton harvester works. Regardless of the replacement piece you need, get in touch with us, and we will have it shipped to you in the shortest time possible.

With the numerous aftermarket components available in the market today, working with a reliable dealer will ensure you buy a quality product. At Certi-Pik, USA, all our aftermarket components are manufactured primarily in the United States and are of high-quality. Whenever you need replacement parts for your Case IH Module Express, contact us for affordable products.