Rebuilding Your Harvester With John Deere Cotton Picker Parts

When your cotton harvester starts to act up, it may require a rebuild. This process is not too harrowing if you can find a good source for John Deere cotton picker parts. As this is such a specialty item, it can be difficult to find a good source for parts and purchase the items most likely to keep your harvester running well for a long time. Here is an overview of how to approach this issue so you can successfully rebuild your cotton picker.

Start with a trusted source

The only good news with finding a trusted source is that the market is not saturated with likely candidates. Companies that deal with cotton pickers are national by virtue of the demand for that availability. This is not a service easily secured just through visiting a corner market.

Since your potential sources are most likely specialists, your first priority is brand expertise. Not everyone offers parts for all brands of cotton pickers, and some shops may only focus on one type of model. Check with distributors to assure that they carry parts for your particular model. John Deere, CNH and Case IH are just a few of the brand models for cotton pickers, and buying CNH parts for a John Deere is unlikely to be helpful. That is why you should be aware of your harvester specifications and find those most familiar with the brand.

While parts are often stocked, some distributors build to order. Check for online reviews and call to ask specifically about the part you need and experience with the brand. Also check for terms and conditions that allow for returns or refunds. You never want to go with a distributor that does not offer a guarantee of satisfaction. There needs to be some type of warranty in case a part does not work out, as that harvester secures your income and you will require a remedy if the new parts fail.

Know what you need

You also want to be sure you know which parts you need to get your harvester working well again. Most distributors offer specialty and sheet metal parts that will work well with rebuilding a cotton harvester. Some will be kept in stock while others will require custom building.

In-stock parts can include cam tracks, spindle nuts, lubrication hoses, CTX scrapping plates, cabinet parts, drumheads and spindles. Slip clutches and idler gears are also subject to regular replacement. Before you spend more money on a custom part, check a distributor’s in-stock list first to possibly save costs.

Knowledgeable distributors who can offer guidance or refer you to a repair technician are also a good resource. If you are having difficulty diagnosing the issue with your cotton picker, it can prove convenient to speak with someone who can let you know if you are in over your head.

Certi-Pik, USA sells John Deere cotton picker parts for harvester rebuilds. We offer parts for other models, too, so do not hesitate to call us when you require assistance.