Case IH Water System Parts

A Case IH water system is an important component of cotton picking equipment used by farmers everywhere. The Case IH cotton-picking machine revolutionized picking cotton, making it fast, cost-effective and efficient. However, without a properly functioning Case IH water system, the machine is unable to work as expected, which could negatively impact production, causing a delay in the entire process.

What is the Case IH Water System?

The Case IH water system is a technologically advanced water distribution system that dramatically improves the entire process of decontaminating the spindles of the Case IH cotton-picking machine. Without this system, it would be difficult to decontaminate spindles, which would ultimately lead to cotton wrapping on the spindles, plugging, and potential fires. When operating correctly the Case IH water system helps farmers save substantial amounts of money. in a number of ways.

First of all, the water system enables the Case IH harvester to remove debris from the spindles of the Case IH cotton picking machine in a quick and efficient manner. This enables farmers to increase their earnings, as they’re able to gather more high-quality cotton in shorter periods of time.

Another way that farmers are able to save money is because of the high-quality construction of the Case IH cotton picker, the moistener column is very rigid, and could require less maintenance than other designs. This equals less downtime, as well as less money spent on replacement parts.

Whether you’re a dealer, a farmer, someone else interested in a Case IH water system, or you’re already the owner of one of the cotton pickers, you are aware of how essential this system is for your cotton picking. Like any water system, the Case IH will require repair and replacement of parts at times, so immediate access to reliable parts is important. However, replacement parts for this and similar watering systems can sometimes be pretty costly and hard to find. Fortunately, these replacement parts can be purchased from Certi-Pik, and you will be completely satisfied if you do.

Why Choose Certi-Pik?

When you need replacement parts for your Case IH water system, you want them immediately so there won’t be any interruption in your cotton harvesting. Instead of overpaying and possibly waiting for extended periods to receive your replacement parts, you should purchase your Case IH water system replacement parts from Certi-Pik. Certi-Pik prides itself on quality and customer service, and they do whatever is necessary to ensure that customers’ orders are accurate and received in a timely manner. Certi-Pik offers the highest quality after-market parts at affordable prices. Certi-Pik carries some of the necessary parts that are needed for the Case IH water system, including:

  • Moistener arms
  • Moistener pads

The Case IH water system is an essential aspect of the Case IH cotton-picking machine for farmers around the world. When your Case IH water system needs replacement parts, they are needed immediately and for a fair price. Purchasing these crucial parts from Certi-Pik is smart, because Certi-Pik ensures that orders are accurately filled in a timely manner and shipped out immediately. This allows farmers to replace the parts in question quickly, with little to no interruption in the harvesting of a farmer’s cotton. Certi-Pik also makes it easy for customers to pay as the following payments are accepted: bank-wire transfers, check, money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards, and even COD, or cash on delivery.