Case IH Air System

The air system is one of the vital sub-assemblies in any cotton harvester, and if it isn’t functioning correctly, you will definitely not be as productive, and it’s possible that there might be a total failure of your machine that shuts you down. If the fan in your air system is either not operating at its best or is non-operational due to worn parts or improper care of a fan assembly (namely lint build up on the fan blade), there are some important functions that will be missing from your harvesting operation. The air system and the fan in particular, are critical for preventing choke problems, especially early in the morning when more dew is still on the plants.

If there’s a problem with your fan, the spindle will not be operating at its best, and that will be a major problem for your harvesting production. The cotton conveyor duct relies on fan power so it can transfer the cotton boll from the picking unit to the containment area and if the fan isn’t up to snuff, the picking unit and ductwork will begin to clog up.

Components of the Air System

Whether you need one-off replacement components for your air system, or whether you’re rebuilding an entire assembly, we’ll have the aftermarket parts you need in stock at Certi-Pik USA. At just about any time during harvest season, you can count on us having in stock virtually all the components needed to properly maintain your air system’s front and rear assemblies including: side frame supports, side panels, baffles, wrap arounds, brackets, nuts, clasps, bolts, pipes, studs, nuts, fan blades, bearings, shafts, washers, keys, pulleys, and belts. You can either give us the OEM part number, or our own part number when identifying the specific components you need, so there will be no mistakes on which aftermarket parts you are ordering.

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Why Should You Buy Air System Components From Certi-Pik USA?

When you order aftermarket replacement parts for your Case/IH cotton harvester from Certi-Pik USA, you’ll find out why other cotton harvester customers have trusted us ever since 1988. We have established a reputation for providing high-quality parts at the most affordable prices for decades now, and that’s one of the reasons we have risen to the top of the list of providers in this industry. We take great pride in dealing with only the very best parts, and we also make every effort to get them to you in the shortest possible time frame, understanding that time is literally money to any cotton harvester.

There are some other reasons why you should order from us rather than someone else. For one thing, we make the ordering process easy, offering you several different ways to place your order with us, and regardless of how you get that order to us, if we receive it early in the morning, we will probably have your order shipped out to you that same afternoon. Our shipping process is the fastest in the industry, and you can count on receiving your components at the earliest possible time. When it comes to paying for your order, we also offer you several different payment methods you can use, so there will certainly be at least one of them which is convenient for you.

We also take great pride in our terrific customer service. All of our customer service representatives are aware of the fact that time is critical to cotton harvesters, so they have been trained to complete the process efficiently and quickly, while being totally professional throughout the process. Contact us today with your order for air system components, or for any other replacement parts on your cotton harvesting machine. You’ll see for yourself why Certi-Pik USA is the preferred provider for so many businessmen in the cotton harvesting industry.