JD Picking Unit System

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The picking unit system plays an important role in any John Deere cotton harvesting machine, as it separates cotton from the spindles as they rotate, and while these spindles are spinning away, they’re extracting all the cotton lint from the bowl of the plant as the plants are funneled through the row-unit. While the picking unit bars keep those spindles separated so that they can maintain their rapid action, the picker ribs or grid bars clear away all the dried leaves, twigs, and other debris that gets picked up along with the plants.

If this material were not separated from the plant, it would all remain mixed with the cotton, and it would call for an entirely separate process to remove it down the line. That would undoubtedly be a much more expensive process than eliminating it from the rapidly turning spindles, and it would be difficult to do as good a job in a secondary process.

With the picker ribs doing a good job of clearing away all this unwanted material, it prevents having the moistening systems or the doffers from clogging up with that same undesirable debris. If the harvesting parts become clogged up with cockleburs, leaves, and twigs, it could drastically impact their ability to pick properly and quickly. That of course, would add time and expense to the whole harvesting process, and it would decrease the profitability of your harvest crop.

Ordering Parts for the Picker Unit System

To ensure you order the right parts for your John Deere machinery when you’re in communication with Certi-Pik USA, it’s best to use our part number for the item. This generally begins with a number, or you can provide us with the OEM part number, which more often begins with a letter of the alphabet. Some items have this part number etched right into their surface, but if you don’t know it, you should be able to find it in the documentation for your harvesting machine, whether it is your picker’s owner’s manual or our catalog.

Once you know that, you’ll be able to track down any cam roller, left or right cam arm, square key, upper or lower seals, O-ring seals, sleeves, plugs, bars, bushings, shims, bolts, washers, dirt scrapers, spindles or any other individual component which goes into the picker bar and spindle assembly.

If you can place your order with us sometime in the morning, we will have your order on its way to you that same afternoon. In this way, you won’t have to be twiddling your thumbs and waiting for parts to be delivered to your location. Before you know it, a package will be delivered to your door, and you’ll be back in business, with your harvester out in the field again.

Our Catalog

Picking units for the CP690 cotton picker

(Behind the grid bars in) / (Within) the row units of the John Deere CP690 cotton picker, you’ll find the picking unit system and the spindle assembly, which together allow the cotton to be separated from the plant, as well as to have all unwanted debris segregated out and removed from the cotton itself. The CP690 is a tremendously capable machine, delivering 590 hp at peak performance, and which is driven by a 13.5 L Tier 4 engine.

The max row-unit sync speed achievable by this machine is 4.4 mph, and that puts it a cut above its predecessor, the John Deere 7760 cotton harvester. Since this is such a powerful and capable machine, you’ll only want the best-manufactured parts replacing any worn-out components you might have. That’s why you should order your replacement parts from Certi-Pik USA, so that you’ll be able to maintain maximum performance from your world-class cotton harvesting machine.