CP690 Replacement Parts

Owning a John Deere CP690 cotton picker is a major convenience, but it does come with a lot of responsibilities. To keep your equipment in top shape and functioning optimally, you will need to keep up with scheduled maintenance, routine service, and occasional repairs. Regardless of the type of service that the machine needs, you will need to use quality replacement parts. And whether you choose aftermarket components or original equipment manufacturers, you must make sure that they are safe, fit properly, and will promote the longevity and durability of your cotton picker. However, you may also want to think about the cost of the parts while you are keeping quality in mind.

Aftermarket John Deere Replacement Parts

Depending on the quality, aftermarket replacements can function the same or even better than the original components. However, with the many different aftermarket options available, shopping for quality replacements can be difficult. You will need to identify a reliable expert who stocks and sells the components that are most suited for you and your machine’s needs.

Certi-Pik is committed to building and selling quality aftermarket components that live up to the high standards for which John Deere is known. We offer a wide range of spare components so that you can find whatever you need, whether you are replacing a single part or rebuilding an entire assembly. With the large workload that will be expected of the machine and the tough conditions under which it may be required to operate, you will need quality components that you can have confidence in.

In addition to quality and variety, Certi-Pik offers our aftermarket components at competitive prices to help you save some money while delivering the high performance you have become used to.

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John Deere CP690 Cotton Picker Aftermarket Parts

With the wide range of John Deere aftermarket components that we manufacture and sell at Certi-Pik, you can be sure you will find what you need for any John Deere cotton picker model. However, you have to make sure that the pieces you choose are fully compatible with your machine by taking the time to check that the part fits properly and is built for your specific model. By choosing proper replacement components for your picker, you can count on your harvest equipment to serve you well for a long time.

We have quality aftermarket parts that have been manufactured specifically for the John Deere CP690. We understand that this is a powerful and capable machine and that our customers are always looking for replacements that will improve their harvesting operations.

CP690 Aftermarket Parts Available

Extended Deep Dish Doors

Our aftermarket extended deep dish doors for John Deere CP690 are rigid and have long and deep picking zones. This design is to ensure that more is harvested and put in the basket, a factor that helps to increase your overall efficiency. In addition to the doors, we also sell a variety of components that are used with these parts.

Picking Unit Cabinet

If you are looking to replace worn-out equipment or rebuild your picking unit cabinets, we have the various individual components you need to get the job done. Some of the components we have to help you assemble picking unit cabinets are covers, bolts, nuts, plates, grid bars, frames, shields as well as left and right side posts.

John Deere 9976-CP690 Grid Bar and Cabinet Supports

John Deere 9976-CP690 Grid Bar and Cabinet Supports

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John Deere 9935, 9965-CP690 Doffer Plug Sensor

John Deere 9935, 9965-CP690 Doffer Plug Sensor

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Picking Unit Systems

The picking unit system plays a critical role when the cotton lint is being separated from the plant. Separating the two while harvesting in the field helps to save both time and money, effectively making the entire process more efficient. We also have the different components that go into the assembly of the picker bar and spindle, ensuring you can access everything you need conveniently.

John Deere 9900-CP690 Cam Tracks and Drum Head

John Deere 9900-CP690 Cam Tracks and Drum Head

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Water System

The water system helps clean the spindles and eliminate debris and resins that could accumulate and compromise the performance of the spindles. To keep the spindles operating at their best, you should ensure that there are no worn out components in the moistener system. Our inventory includes quality components so you can keep your moistener system operational.

Air System

The air system helps to prevent blockages in the harvester so that material can move through the machine freely, which is achieved by directing airflow towards the discharge opening, allowing large volumes to pass through the opening and transit to the suction duct. We stock high-quality suction doors as well as the different components you will need for the doors.


Belts are important components in any picker. Our belts are made of strong rubber material to ensure high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, and long service life.

John Deere Replacement Belts - 9900 Thru CP690

John Deere Replacement Belts – 9900 Thru CP690

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Miscellaneous Parts

There are many more pieces that play a crucial role in keeping your harvesting equipment operational. The efficiency and performance of your machine will reduce if these wear out or malfunction. Some of the quality replacements we have available are wrap guides, bearings, drum spindles, bushings, slip clutches, basket fingers, channel clamps, and rock shaft shims, among others.

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When placing an order for a John Deere CP690 replacement part, you should provide us with a number by which we can definitively identify the component. Don’t let a malfunctioning part keep you from making the most of your harvest, be sure to get in touch with us the next time you need quality John Deere CP690 aftermarket replacement components.